Subtle Signs Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment is often not so clear-cut and obvious when it happens near you or someone else. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says that sexual harassment can occur in requesting sexual favors, sexual advances, or other physical and verbal harassment of a sexual nature. Making offensive remarks and comments about someone’s sex is also considered sexual harassment.

If you are confused about what to do if you face sexual harassment in the workplace, contact a Sexual Harassment Attorney.

Subtle signs of sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment has been one of the major problems in most states in the country. According to a survey, 81% of women report sexual harassment at work. Therefore, you should be aware of the signs of sexual harassment in the workplace. 

  1. Intentional body contact

Your manager or co-worker may not be daring enough to touch you inappropriately at first. They may sometimes brush up against you while getting out of the elevator or passing you. Not all the time, body contact is unintentional and, therefore, can be the initial stages of sexual harassment.

  1. Passing comments on physical appearance

There is a difference between giving compliments and passing comments on someone’s appearance. Complimenting someone comes from good intention and is said to make someone feel good. On the other hand, sexually harassing comments have sexual nature, which makes the person feel uncomfortable, objectified, or intimidated.

  1. Constant flirting

Constantly flirting with someone even though they had turned you down when you asked for a date is considered sexual harassment. Any co-worker may find someone attractive; it is normal to approach them for a date. But if the person turns them down, they should maintain their professional work and stop chasing their romantic interest.

  1. Stalking on social media

Online harassment is another form of sexual harassment. Sending someone inappropriate texts, videos, photos, or offensive comments is not very subtle. If any person contacts a co-worker at an odd hour, it is a subtle form of harassment. Stalking and gathering personal information of a person on social media and using them to create conversations are a big red flag. No woman should tolerate this kind of behavior from a co-worker.

If you think you are sexually harassed in the workplace, firstly tell the person that you are uncomfortable with their behavior. If they still do not want to stop, report to the higher authority of your company or explain your situation to your lawyer. Document every act and conversation when you feel inappropriate.