Portable dot peen marking equipment and its most useful features

Portable Dot Peen Marking Equipment: Application, Types, Advantages

Dot peen technology is a reasonable choice for direct part marking of metal and some non-metal materials. It is easy to use and cost-effective, and the imprints are accurate and highly permanent. When it comes to mobility, a wide range of portable dot peen marking equipment is available on the market. Portable devices are handy not only if frequent transportation is needed, but also in cases of large and heavy parts, areas that are difficult to access, and shaped surfaces. To choose the best portable Dot Peen Engraving Machine ( www.heatsign.com ) , let’s learn more about different features and packaging possibilities.

Different Types Of Dot Peen Marking Portable Machines

Dot peening tools have become highly favored in many industries, and this resulted in the growing variety of models with different supplies and accessories, various sizes and features that can suit any specific need of the manufacturer. And this is equally applicable to portable devices.

First of all, the devices can vary in the way they are operated – pneumatically or electrically. Pneumatic machines use compressed air and thus require special supply – an air compressor. It is usually provided by the equipment manufacturer. Machines with electrical operation only need the common power supply. Maybe the most outstanding feature increasing the machine’s mobility is the in-built CNC controller and software. This means the machine can be operated autonomously from the integrated touchscreen and doesn’t require a computer. Handheld solutions are the most flexible tools as they allow the user to mark parts with uneven surfaces (like tubes, pipes, etc) and reach the spots inaccessible by stationary machines.

How Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine Works

Handheld devices are in favor for their ability to mark large metal parts, like those produced by automotive or aerospace industries. How does it work? The handheld machines are extremely easy to use and require no previous training. The operator enters the design for marking in a special software application on a computer or on the machine’s touchpad. The design may include Latin letters, numbers, 2D codes, lines, graphics or special symbols, etc. Once the machine is powered and ready, the operator presses it towards the area to be marked and pushes the button. In just a few seconds the part receives its precise and permanent marking.

Advantages Of Portable Devices

 Choosing a portable version of the dot peen equipment, the user gets the quality and lasting marks dot peen technology is known for without the need to adjust the production process to unflexible large-sized machines. Besides the mobility options, portable devices offer a set of other valuable benefits:

  • Increased accessibility
  • Broader options for marking rounded or roughened surfaces
  • The best solution for parts that are difficult to move
  • Lightweight and easy transportable
  • Sturdy and continuous operation
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Wide application opportunities