Powerful Tips to Help You Do Website Designing Like a Boss


There are small but powerful rules for web design that can go a long way to help you come up with an appealing website. The rules can also help you make money as they guarantee easy navigation which is what users always expect. Some of them include making the site user friendly, keeping it simple, focusing on the target audience, having a strong brand image, being consistent and more as explained in this article.


There is a direct link between clicks that turn into leads and your website’s design. Think of your website as a store. You would not spend a minute in a stuffy store however good their prices are. The same case applies to your website. No one will spend time there if it is not appealing, easy to use and interactive. That is exactly where the following web design tips come into the picture and you need to ensure that your web design company is adhering to them.

  1. Have a strong and clear brand message

Your website should at all times project and exude the kind of image you want the world to see. Any seasoned web design company should be able to come up with such a website. All you need to do here is ensure that the logo is well positioned. The most ideal position is at the top left hand corner. This is the part of the screen that eyes are easily drawn to.

  1. Provide an effective and concise navigation path

Make it easy for your visitors to navigate your website. A sitemap can get the job done. But over and beyond it, have differentiated sub-sections that complete factors such as color and the position of your goods. A perfectly executed subdivision plan will de-clutter your website and make everything look neat.

  1. Make your website user friendly

This is closely tied with the aforementioned factor. Your site should not, at any point, be slow. Navigation buttons should be easily identifiable and obvious. The most strategic place is usually at the top of the page. There should also be internal linking between web pages as well.

  1. Be consistent

A same style across the entire website empowers  users to know instinctively where to look for information. It also helps to build the brand identity of your brand as users will learn to associate particular colors, images and content with your business.

  1. Keep things quick

Make everything available at the click of a button. With reputable providers of web design services in India, this should be easy. The most important thing here is to make useful information accessible within seconds. That means using as few product categories as possible and making the most important pages visible on the menu.

  1. Try and keep everything simple

Everything should be easy to understand – from navigation all the way to the copy. Go for shorter sentences and appealing fonts. Highlight important aspects and always take advantage of white space. Use more than 3 typefaces, but as said earlier, without compromising on the aesthetics.

  1. Keep different users in mind

Not all users have the fastest PCs and the latest gadgets in town. This means that your website designing company should keep the codes simple. Whatever you do here, make sure everyone from PC users to their counterparts who use handheld devices are able to enjoy or use your website to its full potential.

  1. Never ignore the target audience

If you are targeting the younger crowd, bold colors can seem trendy and you will definitely need social media widgets to enhance engagement.  However, if your target audience is the older generation, prominents CTAs, crisp information and faster navigation will definitely win brownie points.

  1. Consider usability

Usability of a site is closely linked to what content and navigation. Your users have come to you site with a purpose and the faster they can have access to it, the better are the chances that he will visit again. Go ahead and ask your digital marketing agency test again and again until you are satisfied.

  1. Do not forget compliance

Compliance is about adhering to rules of SERPs such as Google. Insist that you website designing company follows only white hat practices. The results may take six months but it is worth the wait. Else, a Google update, your rankings lost, and your customers move on to competitors as they are unable to find your page.

These tips will work effectively if you get the services of a reputable web design agency.