Private IP Addresses

In today’s world being a tech and internet savvy is a must. And if you are just beginning up with your new internet connection let us have some basic knowledge about it. For using the internet you need to have a router and a modem. A router is a device which provides your PC or phone the Local Area Network (LAN) while the modem connects the internet to your PC or phone or whatever you might be using.  While most of the people get confused regarding the difference between a modem and a router, you need to be very clear.

Knowing about the address

Every router comes with its own IP address. An IP address is a combination of numbers and dots that uses a set of rules called protocol to help communicate on the internet.  The IP addresses are of different types. They can be for private internet connection routers or they can be for some special work guided routers. These special IP addresses are also called as Bagon IP addresses.  These IP addresses are prohibited for public domain uses. One such is IP address IP addresses are for tracking the person, using internet and sharing and receiving data over the internet, sitting at any part of the world. But as the Bagon IP addresses are not created for the use of general public at their private access capable, tracking them becomes a little difficult.

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The uses

IP address is not allowed on the public internet and this is as per the guidelines of the RFC 1918 (Request For Comment 1918). This is just a method for assigning private users with IP addresses. If a private user has to access internet from a router with such IP address as, it needs to have a gateway, proxy server. Such a gateway helps to connect your private address to a public address providing local area network (LAN). A proxy server acts like a hub and transfers information to the host computer. An IP address such as the one we are discussing, IP address, has a limited access to information as well, on record.