5 Things Every Business Website Needs

Your website is a common place where your potential customers get their first impression of your company. You’ve got one shot to grab their attention and peak their interest. These are the five things your website needs to have in order to create that positive first impression and gain new customers.

Website Needs

User Friendly

Your business website needs to be user-friendly. This means that it should be easy to look at and easy to navigate. It should have a menu bar with a few clear page options. You might consider including a search function in case someone can’t find what they’re looking for right from the get-go. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link can sometimes be a good idea if you get the same questions asked over and over again. Then again, if you get the same questions asked that frequently, then you might need to simply update the information on your website and make the answers more easily accessible. In order to ensure that your website is easy to navigate, you also need to make sure that it is mobile-friendly. Most people use their smartphones while browsing the internet nowadays. If your website cannot be easily navigated, people will not waste their time trying to figure it out. They will move on in a matter of a minute or less.

Contact Info

Making your contact information readily available is key to gaining business on your website. It should be in your top menu and it should include the following:

Your address with a map as well as a picture of your storefront (if you have a physical location)

Email address

Phone number with click to call option (for those browsing on their mobile device)

Chat help function for those who need immediate assistance

A contact form for convenience


You should also be sure to include an “About Us” page. This is a place for you to establish credibility and explain what sets you apart from other companies. According to Entrepreneur, “Someone who stumbles upon your website shouldn’t have to do investigative work to figure out what, exactly, it is that you do.” Develop a clean and original logo and showcase it here. Tell your story using pictures and videos. Show which important organizations you belong to, any prestigious awards you’ve won, other credible businesses you’re affiliated with, and events in which you’ve participated in giving back to your community. Most importantly, explain what services and products you provide. This should be clearly described and to the point. After reading this section, the potential customer shouldn’t have any question about what it is that you do as a company.

Fresh Content

Fresh content is a key to gaining new visitors on your website. You should be regularly posting to your social media platforms and therefore, links with your handles should be included on your website. You can also provide the opportunity to share your content on their social media sites. Another perfect way to include new content on your website is by keeping a blog. Share your knowledge of your industry and products. One way to keep your customers informed is by including a newsletter sign up box on your website. Customer testimonials and reviews are another positive way to gain new customers and share insights from real users of your services and products.


Never forget to include a call-to-action! According to Yellow Pages Digital, “A call-to-action is simply a phrase that invites someone to take an action. And every page on your site should have at least one. You want to get people to your website for a purpose. What is that purpose? Perhaps there are multiple different actions that a visitor to your site can take, depending on the page they’re on. It should be easy for people to see, understand, and take these actions.” This is what drives internet viewers to make a purchase. This is what drives someone to share information about your services and products with their friends and family members. This is what asks customers to leave a review about the service or product they’ve received, or invites potential customers to read about others’ experiences with your company.

Knowing what your website needs can be difficult, but including these 5 things will make it much easier.