Ready for Virtual Reality? Here’s a Step by Step Guide

So you just celebrated Christmas, and one of the things Santa brought you was a Virtual Reality (VR) set. You can’t contain your excitement and want to get started right away. Before you get started there a few things that need to be done.

Here are a few tips for optimizing your VR experience, courtesy of HomeAdvisor.

The Manual

Yes, you should start with the manual. No, it’s not a boring piece of paper or booklet. It is something that’s going to guide you through the virtual world. The manual will tell you the specific space requirements. Why is this important? Let’s just say you will experience fewer bruises and bumps down the road. Remember, the world your seeing may be virtual, but your playing in the real world.

Virtual VS Real

The thing to remember is that playing with VR has a physical aspect to it. When you wear the headset, it uses infrared transmitters which bounce off reflectors. These reflectors need to be strategically placed. When you put on the headset you will not be able to see the real world. This means each system will have its own space requirements. If these are not followed, you are looking at the possibility of equipment damage and even injury, by tripping on them.

Cables and Pulleys

VR game sets use cables for power as well as game transmission. No, there are no pulleys, but when the cables are laid down, you will need to do it properly. Again, this is because of tripping and falling issues. With some VR systems, there are remote controllers involved. These need to be operated once you put on the VR mask. Some people will even use mats as an identification zone. With a strategically placed mat, you will be able to tell where the center of the virtual room will be.

The bottom line is that by following simple and safe procedures not only will you have a great gaming experience, but you can do it without hurting yourself or breaking