RemoteToPC provides monitoring and remote control tools for IT people

April 17, 2020

The requirements for IT support continue to evolve, with more IT service providers providing managed services than ever. IT tools need to evolve to keep up with these demands. Most solutions consist of several different IT tools, one for remote access, one computer monitoring, and others for antivirus and anti-malware tools.  RemoteToPC provides remote desktop access, basic hardware monitoring and alerts all in a single easy to install and use package. For customers just interested in remote PC access there are 10 PC and 20 PC basic and business plans. These plans don’t include all of the features for monitoring, or user management, but they do provide remote PC access It owns with private PC management which in turn provide affordable remote PC access to computers anywhere there is an internet connection.


Enterprise IT support tools

RemoteToPC provides a more complete Lite RMM starting with their Enterprise 1 plan, which provides unattended remote access and monitoring for up to 100 computers. The Enterprise plans are designed for IT people to provide secure remote PC access and support, with user management, a local client, and more extensive monitoring and alerts.  RemoteToPC verses TeamViewer pricing is much lower, but it is an annual plan, due to the fact that TeamViewer does not provide remote monitoring or alerts the way RemoteToPC does. Whether it’s simple remote access or a full remote support tool for IT people, there are plans for business, personal, or IT management. All plans feature:

  • Easy installation
  • Unattended Remote Access
  • Encrypted secure connections
  • Private Command Center
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Alerts

The basic, business or Enterprise plans for IT people all include remote desktop access through a private online Command Center, or through a local client application. Grouping, and a computer search option are also provided to help organized and find which computer needs to be connected to.

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