RemoteToPC – Remote Support Software made for IT people

RemoteToPC is unique remote support software designed specifically for IT people.  The genesis of RemoteToPC was in January 2014 when LogMeIn first began to charge for its previously free remote desktop access application. So they began an effort to create an alternative to LogMeIn.

The brainchild of Steve and Aaron White (a Texas based father and son IT and programming team), RemoteToPC started out to be different from other remote support solutions. “We wanted to be different. We wanted it to be affordable, easy to use, and offer things no other product did” said Steve White, the President of RemoteToPC. “We actually offer basic remote monitoring and alerts built into every install. So, not only do you get remote PC access, you have active monitoring of core metric data such as CPU, RAM, and Disk.”

RemoteToPC looks similar to LogMeIn Central in its web based “Command Center”, but then there is more of a TeamViewer feel inside of a remote access session. The pricing is annual and based solely on the number of remote end-points. Other than user-management, and Heartbeat monitoring (monitoring servers up/down status) offered exclusively in the Enterprise level plans, all plans offer the same feature set, including unlimited concurrent sessions.

Prices start at $99 per year for a 10 remote computer plan $299 for a “Enterprise level” 100 remote computer plans, $899 per year for a 500 remote computer plan, and so on.

As of the writing of this article an Android join client was just being released. “We’re continually adding features. Android is first, Mac and iPhone support is next” said Aaron White, CTO and chief developer of RemoteToPC.

Other features not currently offered at the time of this article include Remote Printing, Wake-Up-On-Lan, and Mac support.

With a chief nemesis of the remote access juggernaut LogMeIn in their sites, this startup has a long road to climb, but if LogMeIn raises prices again in 2018, that will do nothing but help accelerate their ascent, particularly in the IT or MSP world.  Worldwide the Tech sector is one of the most rapidly growing sectors, and that includes remote tech support, or support gigs as the gig economy expands. In 2013 (a year before RemoteToPC began), Gartner said that IT service management software for MSPs and midmarket business was estimated to be a $10 billion market segment, or over 55% of the worldwide ITOM (IT Operations Management) software market. As of 2017 that estimate is now over $14 billion.

RemoteToPC says they are growing and they currently have happy customers all over the world.  One of the things we’re wondering is will they raise prices as new features become available. “No, there are no plans to at this time. Even if we do, we’re always going to keep lower than companies like LogMeIn. That’s part of our purpose. To make an affordable remote support software. That’s the reason we started.” said Steve White.

With that kind of philosophy as part of their startup vision, RemoteToPC’s tagline of “Made by IT people for IT people” makes sense.