Resoomer, the tool for hurried students

You are one of those students who must frequently read hundreds of pages in order to draw the main information? You are tired of reading sentences that tell the same idea? Resoomer is all you are searching for. You will be keen on this text summarizer by its simplicity and by the sizeable time saving that it offers to you.

Resoomer, how does it work?

With an intelligently thought-out algorithm, Resoomer is able to summarize your texts in just one click. Simply, you have to open the site and copy and paste there your text. You do not have to create an account once you get into the service, which makes it more available. Then, in a single click, and in few seconds your summary and your text analysis will appear.Related image

Reliability or chance?

With such a service, people always wonder if the tool selects only sentences of the text by chance. If you want, you can verify it by doing the summary two times. If there is chance, there should be two different versions.

When using Resoomer, you use also its specific algorithm. It is based on several parameters to form a relevant summary and do not leave by chance any essential information.

The basis of the most reliable result of Resoomer is established on semantics. Meaning what ? Simply, the relevance of the contents but not a random contraction of your text. As the same as search engines, Resoomer algorithm will make a semantic analysis of all the key words of your text.

Resoomer, not only a student tool

Resoomer is not only for students that are lack of time for their work but also for people who are searching for a quick and relevant analysis of any text. Whether a teacher may prepare efficiently his courses, a journalist may be in need for up-to-date news or a writer may want summarizing quickly his chapters, Resoomer tool is appropriate to all needs.

Do not waste time when you want to summarize a web page for an online article, Resoomer, a Chrome extension do the job for you. With a single click, you can have access to