Signs Showing You Need a New SEO Company

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A business always needs to decide on the kinds of marketing that they should invest in. The factors that are taken into consideration for determining the channels that have to be pursued are unique to each business. An SEO agency helps you with SEO to improve the online presence of your business. In case, you are not sure as to whether you have hired the right SEO services in Australia, you can check the signs given below.

Lack of Quality Results

You might have invested in SEO for generating sales or revenue from the organic search results. Consider if you are getting results. Check the sales leads and also the amount of e-commerce revenue that you are getting. A good and reputable SEO agency will offer you the reports every month and will be transparent with the services. If the SEO Company provides you an incomprehensible report or tries to distract with irrelevant data like ranking, is either not savvy enough to concentrate on the counts or is hiding poor results. Either way, it is time to start looking for a new SEO agency.

Decline in Results

At times, the SEO services hit a strategic wall and even after putting effort they are not able to move forward. As a matter of fact, in some other cases, the result starts declining. This is because the SEO agency has put the SEO campaign of your company in auto pilot mode.  If you notice a decline in the result for several months, a wise step will be to hire a new SEO consultant. They will help you to reverse the downward trend.

Sudden Super Results

Another warning sign that you should consult a new SEO agency is that you get results that are too quick. For example, if you notice hundreds and thousands of links coming out every month, there is a high chance that the SEO is using a black-hat technique to obtain shady links. This might result in serious penalties from Google. Make sure that you are careful when you see this happening.

Poor Communication

If you work with an SEO agency that will not take the effort to explain its procedure or hides behind the technical jargon then if might cause you to be frustrated. This is because of there is a lack of transparency in their communication. This black hole in communication might lead to several problems. There might be several reasons behind such actions. They might not even be taking steps for your company.

If a business relationship is poor and uncomfortable then the problems will be hard to resolve. Moreover, the internal team eventually becomes skeptical. This results in an SEO campaign will ultimately goes nowhere.

There are different kinds of SEO services in Australia out there. Even if it is good agency, it is possible that they are not suitable for your kind of business. You need to keep in mind that your website is the greatest marketing tool. Hence, you should always avoid taking unnecessary risks which might put your website ranking at jeopardy.