Riding a Hoverboard to School 4 important Aspects to know

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You are finally getting your ultimate wish for Christmas after months of prodding your mom to allow you to be on one of those self-balancing scooters. Since the hoverboard craze started a couple of years ago and despite the bans on its use in some states and universities, hoverboard laws still struggle due to its popularity. Moreover, some schools support the use of these single-person transporters especially for high school and middle school students. And with the Lamborghini hoverboard with Bluetooth already available in the market, who wouldn’t want to own one? However, before you ride off to school on your new Lambo hoverboard, there are several factors you need to consider.

  1. Learning to really ride one.

While it seems easy to glide and even make dancing routines on these mobility devices as seen on Youtube videos, using a self-balancing scooter requires skills and practice. Just like learning how to roller skate or use a skateboard, being good at hoverboarding does not happen overnight. Take time to learn the skills, watch riding tutorials online and practice at home or wherever it is allowed, say at the park or outside the house. You need to learn to hop on, keep and maintain your balance as well as glide without falling off.

  1. Inquiring about hoverboard rules in school.

While there are already laws that ban the use of these boards, there are cities and school that still allow the use of these transporting devices. If you are lucky enough, the place where you live and the school you go to might be included in the list of those who understand the importance and benefits of using these mobility scooters as a means of transportation. Inquire about these rules and talk with the designated school staff as well as the local authorities in your area so you will not get in trouble if you bring and use your new riding equipment.

  1. Prioritizing your safety.

When it comes to riding any mode of transportation like motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards and hoverboards, it’s imperative to wear protective gear all the time, no matter the distance you are traveling. Accidents can happen and even a simple slip can lead to serious injuries. That said, invest on a helmet, knee pads, wrist pads and elbow guards. Wear them when riding your hoverboard. Others often take this for granted especially if they are just traveling a short distance but even if this might be a cliché, better be safe than sorry.

  1. Buying only from a reliable distributor.

If you search online, there are many companies out there that sell all kinds of two-wheeled electric scooters. Some even offer hoverboards for discounted prices. While there are distributors who can be trusted, there are also those who offer products for a cheaper price but with sub-standard materials. The key here is to only buy from authorized dealers who have a name and brand to protect. Do not compromise quality just because you want to save on cost.

Of course, once you ride your new hoverboard scooter in school, be mindful of the people around you to avoid collision or running over someone, especially in corridors.