Sell Website To Earn More – Know Site Value First!  

There’s quite a debate when subjects like should you or should you not sell off websites pop up! One lot of experts will recommend trading off a revenue generating website to get hands on even more cash. On the contrary, there will always be a group suggesting not to go for the venture as it is already rewarding you with handsome revenues. Frankly, putting a website up for sale is not a bad decision when you’ve taken your steps right. For instance, never skip on evaluating your site worth before clinching a deal.

Wondering what website worth is all about? Describing it as a process wouldn’t be incorrect. Setting up a site might sound cakewalk but is certainly not! Long hours of grind, consistency, new ideas and implementing strategies to better up your site’s performance – everything goes into the making of a big hit website. Trading off for just a scanty amount of cash is seriously not worth it. To top it off, the idea is to maximize outturns. Only then will the concept of profit come into play, right? So, it is rightly suggested that you must determine your site value before giving a heads up and trading it off.

Here’s shedding some limelight on a few crucial factors that helps figure out accurate website value.

  1. Domain name – URL comes first. Calling shots for a good domain name works wonders for your site’s popularity. Bear in mind, your targeted audience group should bank upon the website’s domain name. For example, dot com has always been prevalent and crowd-pleasing for a wide variety of audience across the globe. While there are plenty others in the genre like dot biz, dot org and so on so forth, clicks recorded for sites with dot com as their domain name cuts high grades without a doubt.
  2. Page design and content – To amplify a website worth, it is crucial that your website must be favored by your customers. As a result, it must be easy to navigate, user-friendly and alluring with relevant products and services in question. The idea is to mousetrap audience and pave way for more traffic. Updating your site with fresh good contents frequently will win you a good page ranking in search engines. It also keeps the audience hooked, turning back for more potential purchases.
  3. Traffic – Just like retail stores with higher footfall imply greater opportunities of trade, amplified counts of traffic welcome expanded opportunities for gaining potential buyers. Obviously, the margin of profit is more and the revenue stream is guaranteed to be pretty swanky.
  4. Page rank – Little did you know that the page rank of a website decides the visibility of the site in search engines. Higher the rank, more is the traffic count and even larger are the outturns. Ensure putting appropriate measures of SEO into practice to add to your site worth.

For best assistance, lots of website worth evaluating tools and links are made available. is one such big name. The site focuses on using unique algorithms to figure out your site’s real value only after judging on various stats.