Setting Up an Efficient Home Office

Setting up a home office can be tricky. There are so many details you need to focus that it is easy to miss the most important pieces. You can take care of the obvious without any help but integrating technology and choosing equipment can be complex. You’re all set up and ready to begin and then you notice some things missing, and all your plans take a toll. You start to feel the pressure of time.

You sit again and start working before hitting another hurdle. It gulps a lot of precious time and you find yourself stuck in troubleshooting instead of focusing efforts on the actual work.

Here’s a list of home office essentials that relieves you of the worry of running around in circles as you run a host of errands. 

1. The obvious

This section of the list focuses on the basic things that you must have. These are the necessities without which imagining a home office would be impossible. First and foremost, you need to have an exclusive working space. You should have a dedicated room, if not a segregated part of the house to ensure you get the right amount of peace that lets you focus on the task at hand.

The next thing you need to focus on is a computer and a decent monitor. This monitor cannot be your living room smart TV. The monitor needs to be of an appropriate size so that you can focus.

The next would be furniture, the least you will need is a table and a chair. You may think about working on a couch, don’t! Ideally, you should have a size adjustable table along with a comfortable chair.

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2. A reliable Internet connection

It is needless to emphasize on the speed, you know enough about it already. What you do need to know is that you will be continuously coordinating and communicating when working remotely. There will be files, documents and other things that will need to be sent on time. You will also be attending meetings and conducting teleconferences to make presentations. You want an internet provider that furnishes a fast connection and provides great customer support. Click here to look for a provider that gets you the whole package!

3. A multi-purpose machine

This is not a random multipurpose machine. It has to be a printer. You may be someone who wants a paperless office but it can also serve as a scanner and a fax machine. If need be it can work as a printer and a photocopier as well. This machine will help you do a lot with little investment.

4. An external hard drive

Do you value your work? Are your work files any important to you? If the answer is yes, then you need to make a backup. What you need is a portable hard drive with large storage space. This helps you not only with the backup but you can save most of the images, files, and sheets on it which will allow you to free up the storage on your laptop. When buying one, go for larger storage space; it may cost a bit more but the value for money will increase exponentially.

5. A VoIP 

Most entrepreneurs and people working from home use their home landlines and mobile phones to make calls. Yes, you cannot always use applications like Skype to communicate, sometimes you have to make regular calls. A VoIP is a viable solution for your dialing needs. You already have an internet connection, add a VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) and you will be all set for saving hundreds of dollars on overseas and long-distance calls.


A home office is a sacred space that requires attention to detail. The attention needs to be on the design but this space also needs to be functional. You need a list of things that help you work from home and make the job easier. This list ranges from routine things like furniture, laptop, internet and goes all the way to VoIP which saves you money when you make long-distance calls.