Something Interesting About Battery Saver & Booster

Does your mobile battery drain quickly? Are you frustrated with less battery time of your mobile phone and the space issues? If you are also facing these frustrating problems then don’t worry because to solve these very problems we have made an amazing app 2017 battery saver.


Here are some of the major reasons of less battery Time :

Some apps remain open even you close them which uses battery continuously

Some apps use battery extensively

Some apps not only use battery during their usage but also drain the battery


The only way you can solve these problems is by downloading the app 2017 battery saver

The app is really easy to use. It will end your problems of less battery time and space issues. Once you use it, you can’t resist yourself to use it again and again because of the effectiveness and productiveness of the app.


Charge Master

The app monitors charging status and also shows which apps are using battery currently

Effective use of battery

The app utilizes battery effectively and stops different apps from draining battery

1-tap power optimization (battery saver) and killed processes

The app will kill all apps and processes that are not using and running behind to drain the battery with just 1 tap
Total Memory

The app will not only show you the total memory but also shows you the used and free memory with internal and external memory info

Boost Details

The app shows you the boost details that how many processes are killed and also shows the memory and cache cleaned

One of the most important features the app offers is that the app is totally free on Google Play Store. You don’t have to pay a penny to download it.

So to end all the battery and memory problems, just download the app and utilize it to make your life much more comfortable and relax in which at least you don’t have to worry about your mobiles battery and space.