Stop Wasting Time With Other PDF Converters – Try Easy PDF Online


The technology we use on a daily basis is changing rapidly. We are using many different tools and apps that help us to get the job done. We spend as much time on computers as we do on our smartphones. It isn’t just the size of the screens that are changing, but the technology that runs behind them as well. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly more popular because it offers much more options for everyday usage. Tools that are cloud-based require no installation and they are usable on any device and from any place.

That is why you should definitely consider Easy PDF, a free and anonymous online PDF converter, as your daily driver for any PDF-related task. Let’s be clear from the start that Easy PDF suite is completely free to use, without ads and limits on conversions. No email registration is required, so you can use it anonymously. That alone is something you might consider worthy enough for a switch.

How Can Easy PDF Online Suite Help You?

Easy PDF offers 15 different PDF tools in one place. You can convert any PDF to other file formats, convert different files to PDF, OCR scanned images and perform other actions on PDF files. You can see the list of available tools listed below and we will cover some of these in more details later on.


  • Convert PDF to Word*
  • Convert PDF to Excel*
  • Convert PDF to PowerPoint*
  • Convert PDF to Text*
  • Create PDFs from other formats
  • Convert Word to PDF
  • Convert JPG to PDF
  • Convert PDF to AutoCAD**
  • Split PDF file
  • Compress PDF file
  • Merge PDFs
  • Convert PDF to image files (PNG and JPG)
  • Convert PDF to GIF
  • OCR online (convert image files to Text, Word and Excel)

* These conversions are capable of converting both scanned and regular PDFs.
** Only converts PDFs that were previously made in AutoCAD. 

You can access Easy PDF via any browser on Windows, Mac, Linux or a mobile phone.

How to Convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and others

Using Easy PDF is very straight-forward. To convert any PDF file into another file type, you should choose the appropriate conversion type.

If you want to convert PDF to Word, choose that option and upload a PDF file. You can upload documents in a couple of ways:

– Import files from your device. You can click on the gray box in the center and browse through your folders.  Another way to upload documents from your local storage is to “drag & drop” the PDF file in the box.

– Import files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox. Click one of the two icons below the gray box and log in to your cloud service.

You Online PDF Converter have successfully uploaded a PDF document and now you should press the button on the screen. A few seconds after conversion, the process is finished and you can download your file. The same goes for PDF to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to Text, etc.

With Easy PDF there are no limitations on the size of the file or number of conversions. So, if you would like to convert another file, just hit the home or “Convert another file” option.

How to Convert to PDF

There a couple of PDF creation tools available on Easy PDF. You can either use Word to PDF, JPG to PDF or universal PDF Creation tool. To convert to PDF, upload any of these documents: Word, Text, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, JPG, PNG, GIF, PUB files, etc.

Then press “Create PDF” and “Download your file” button afterward.

How to Split, Merge and Compress PDF

The great thing about Easy PDF, is that it isn’t just a PDF converter, you can use it for operations with PDFs that aren’t strictly changing from one format to another. You can use this tool to create multiple documents from one file (split PDF), join together different files or pages into single PDF (merge PDF) and reduce the file size of existing PDF for making more storage space.

Use Split PDF tool when you have a PDF with more than one page that you want to split. When you upload the file, you will see the page previews on screen. You can then choose a page or pages where you want to split your PDF. If you choose pages number three, you will create one document with pages from 1-2, and another file with remaining pages with page number 3 included.

If you choose N pages to split, you will create N+1 documents. You can deselect any page by clicking on it again.

Merge PDF tool is useful when you have multiple parts of documents you want to combine into a single file. To merge files, you can either import files one by one or both at the same time. A minimum of two PDFs are required, but you can always insert more than two.

Compress PDF is useful when you want to send big PDF files via Email or upload to the cloud. The process is the same as in previous steps, choose a file, compress and download the file with reduced size.

That covers our Easy PDF guide. It is an online PDF suite that can help you manage PDFs anonymously and without limits. Easy PDF offers versatile functionalities in a nice looking package completely free, so give it a try.