Technology that could change the construction industry

Technology has come a long way, in the past when we talked about technology one will immediately assume everything is for computers.

Now there are a lot of buzz from drones, 3d printing, solar panels, smart roads and anti collision software and all of those can now be implemented in construction.

As each one matures, we are getting much closer to a world where structures can be built completely automated and unmanned. I have talked to a number of companies in this space and here’s what I have found.


A very popular pastime for kids and adults alike but can also be used to survey construction sites.

It can also be used for low altitude mapping of construction projects.

3d Printing

A technology company called MX3D is going to build the very first functional 3D printed bridge in Amsterdam and could be used to produce “endless” different structures, says Dutch designer JorisLaarman.

Solar Panels

We we think about Solar Panels we often associate it with those boring black color panels it is so lame to look at that you don’t want them either.

But I am here to show you that a new form of Transparent Solar Panels are on the way and it could be used to power skyscrapers.

A team of chemical engineers from Michigan State University (MSU) is developing a product that may just counter the designing concerns – “a film that lets in light when placed over windows, but also generates solar power”.

Smart Roads

Now this is something I am really hyped for;

Smart roadway technologies are being developed in Netherlands and the USA. Designer DaanRoosegaarde is collaborating with Dutch construction firm Heijmans on Smart Highway, a plan which involves creating road decks with designs such as glow-in-the-dark lining, dynamic paint, interactive light and electric priority lane.

Auto enthusiasts from around the world have voiced their doubts regarding the durability and maintenance costs of smart roads. Proponents of smart road technologies, however, remain undeterred.


Lindsey is the social media officer of They specialize in Commercial Roof Repair in Dallas Texas.

Though they operate in several locations such as Houston and Austin.