The Best Headphones to Use with Future Lighting-Only iPhones

Apple has lately ditched the 3.5mm audio hole for its iPhone device and this seems like marking an end to all the headphones available in the market. However, the notion is wrong as the hearing accessories can still be used with the help of Lightning connector. The latest tech market trend is to sell those earphones that can connect to the Lightning port.

The wrap up of 3.5mm jack should not be considered frowning, but it has advantage too like the sound quality is now stepped up from 16-bit to 24-bit, which is master recordings produced in studios.

Apple has come up with its own EarPods with Lightning connector for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but a pair can also be bought separately from that can be used on all such iDevices which have a Lightning port. Below are few of the best available.

Audeze SINE

Audeze SINE headphones come with improved amplifier as well as high-resolution 24-bit DAC in the Lightning cable. To make the most after pairing with Apple products, it is suggested to download its EQ and sound presets app. The headphones offer superior sound quality to playback music and to voice calls too. In terms of design it is sleekly sophisticated equipped with aluminum construction for good durability. With its superb sound it also looks superb to make others jealous and say wow!

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The Lightning cable comes with DSP, DAC and amplifier. It is Siri compatible and is recommended by Apple too for its remarkable accuracy.


The headphones are designed by BMW’s Designworks. It is lightweight and folds flat. It is derived from Audeze LCD series headphones.

Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature

The P9 Signature is synonymous to design innovation and it comes with impeccable build quality, offering true luxury experience.


The P9 Signature from the stable of Bowers & Wilkins comes with nylon damped cone having acoustic coating and dual cavity ear cushions.


It offers more natural experience as the drivers are angled, aligned in front and not to the side. Unwanted vibration transmission is stopped between each earcup and both are decoupled and hence distortion is removed. It offers very clear and open sounding.

Libratone Q Adapt Lightning In Ear Headphone

The Q Adapt in-Ear Earbuds blocks out external noise completely and comes with adjustable noise cancellation levels with the help of CityMix. The listening experience in it is completely customizable. It helps in taking clear phone call too by minimizing any background noise. It offers a good balance of deep bass, crisp highs and full midrange to ensure listening music to any genre in whatever environment the use is.


Superior build and sound quality allowing noise cancellation for different environment.


It comes with four Adjustable Noise Cancellation (ANC) levels to help completely blocking of outside noise. The CityMix is quickly access with four-button convenient remote to active “Hush” function, play-pause of sound, receive-make phone calls, or just crank up the volume.