Best Spy Apps For Android

Trace down the smartphone without tempering the personal space!

It is almost impossible to keep kids and employees out of trouble. Having a physical check on our loved ones is not possible for so many reasons. Whether it is about your kid or employee, none of them want to be followed. They want themselves to be trusted. On the other hand, you are concerned about their safety. So, what’s the solution? Getting the best spy app for Android is the answer!

By using monitoring software, you can do the spying or tracking without hindering the personal space. Fortunately, we are living in the digital world where apps are available for all activities.

For your convenience, we have devised this article on best spy apps for Android. Without further ado, let’s proceed!

HoverWatch – Best Android Monitoring Software

HoverWatch is a monitoring software that offers you advanced parental control and tracking services. To be useful for all kinds of users, this app can run on platforms like Windows, Android, and Mac OS X. Similarly, it can run smoothly on different devices like tablet, smartphone, computer, and laptop.

Cut to the chase, you can remotely track down the smartphone without having physical contact with the target device.

Key Features Of HoverWatch

HoverWatch claims to be best tracking app because of following features:


HoverWatch is designed to collect information about current location of a target device. This app uses the closest GPS system and signal from Wi-Fi routers to track down a device. For accurate insights, choose GPS system. If a device is low on battery, switch to Wi-Fi signals.

Call Recording

HoverWatch is a smart tracking device. You don’t need to make configurations every time you use it. Once you have setup the device on user panel, this app will remotely record the outgoing & incoming calls on the desired device.

Track SMS

Kids are super conscious about their smartphone. You can’t make them show their personal messages to you. You don’t want to temper the personal space. All you want is the safety. That’s why this app is the ultimate savior. Without getting notice, it will save the sent and received messages on the target device.

WhatsApp & Facebook Tracking

Kids and adults are mad about social media networks. Everyone use Facebook or WhatsApp to pass on messages. You just want both parties to be on right side. Don’t restrict them. Instead, seek help from HoverWatch. This app will keep the record of all messages shared on both platforms including shared media too.

Stealth Mode

Unlike other apps, this software performs without leaving a trace. Not even minute one!

Refog – Top Rated Personal Monitor

We have another player in the race. Avoid making anything forbidden to your kids. Because that’s the most attractive thing for them. They will access it anyway. We understand that you are concerned about their safety. But at the same time don’t impose restrictions upon kids or employees.

All you need is a monitoring software like Refog.

Refog offers you following tracking services:

  • Social media networks tracking
  • Tracking and recording of chats and audio calls
  • Automatic shooting of the user of the target device via webcam
  • Recording of browser history even though user has deleted it

Don’t need to constantly hover when HoverWatch is here to help!