The FaceCoin Network that will bring you the Decentralized Social Network

Most people do not understand the complexities that go along with cryptocurrencies today. Terminology often confuses people who are not already technically savvy. Everyone, however, knows what social networking is and has a Facebook account. When a user wants to host their site on the FaceCoin network, all that they need is a web browser, just like signing up for an account on any other site. FaceCoin uses cryptographically secure public key encryption to ensure all of your data is safe on the network. With zero knowledge proofs, nodes can storage and retrieve your friends and posts without others being able to see them. You are able to choose which information is shared with different groups, and can add friends and family to your circles of trust.

To ensure the development goes smoothly, FaceCoin has started an ICO to raise funding for further development and polishing. Investors can purchase FC tokens, which can be used by page authors on the social network, as way of supporting the development and the hiring of new developers to the project. Network infrastructure is also an important area of early funding, since FaceCoin nodes will not be as numerous as the initial user base, based on the number of nodes in other networks such as Ethereum.

For those who are not aware, net neutrality is working towards censoring the web, so there is a need for a uncensored social networking website with no limits on the liberation of users rights. People will be able to quickly and easily set up an account on FaceCoin, without needing to know how to set up a public key. FaceCoin has built a self-governing system that allows users to vote out bad actors such as illegal activity or terrorism, all without government oversight or any limitations imposed by net neutrality.

Want to know how you can get involved with FaceCoin? Start by investing in the project as they are currently running and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to allow people to get in early on the service.