The Revealing Truth of Phone Radiation Case Studies

Well, a lot has been talked about mobile phone electromagnetic radiations and its adverse effects on human beings. It is true that mobile phone do emit harmful radiations which harm your body in the long run. Some of the effects are life threatening.  It commences with small symptoms and leads to deadly diseases. Thus, you cannot live with mobile phone even after knowing all the facts and realities about it. But, how do you manage to control it? Can you really neutralize its impact on your body?

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The phone radiation case studies have revealed a lot of facts about it. A lot of studies have been going on in this field. Some time back, scientists weren’t even sure about the dangerous effects of phone radiation. However, as technology advanced and several case studies took form, you have every proof that no matter what SAR cellphone you have, every mobile phone emits radiation which can cause a lot of harm to human body.

Effective studies have revealed that intense use of mobile phone can lead to blood brain barrier, cancer as well as electromagnetic hypersensitivity. In May 2011, the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer revealed that it has classified electromagnetic fields from cell phones which may be carcinogenic to people and advised people to take up safety measures to lower down exposure like using hand free gadgets or texting. The effects of radiations from mobile phones have been a popular topic amongst the global case studies. There are several phone radiation case studies which reveal scientific facts that cell phones have a vigorously bad effect on your body.

In 2015, a case study confirmed the development of liver and lung cancer because of the rising rates of mobile phones usage. Exposure to EMF could develop cancer in lungs and liver. Some people have reported feelings of sleep, headache, nausea, dizziness, digestion problems, heart beat rising and fatigue during and after the use of mobile phones. It has also led to decrease in sperm count in men and mood swings and poor behavioral effects in women during pregnancy.

However, phone radiation case studies have revealed that there have been progress in this field and with the help of mobile phone shield, you can easily secure yourself from its harmful effects. All you need to do is put the chip near the antenna of your mobile phone and it will automatically neutralize the mobile phone radiation and wouldn’t let it react with human body radiation. The mobile phone shield is a smart way to live a secure and healthy life even when you’re surrounded with cell phone radiations. You can easily get it online from the comfort of your home.

National radiation advisory authorities have authorized the usage of mobile phone radiation shield and called it effective for a full day use. The best thing is that it doesn’t effects the performance of your mobile phone or battery. So, why not live healthy with it and get it now!