Things you should know about Negative SEO

SEO means “search engine optimization”. The market has taken a vital role after 2012 update of Google. Many companies have started offering SEO marketing and Digital marketing services. SEO is used to get noticed your website in upper search result in Google while people search for particular terms. There are many terms which you should know about SEO – Whitehat SEO, Blackhat SEO, Greyhat SEO and Negative SEO.

Let us discuss about negative SEO. If we explain this is simple words, negative seo is a unethical technique to get your competitors keywords down in search result and many blackhat techniques are used to get it done. Many companies pay SEO agencies to get their competitors rank down in search engine to get more sales. It is obvious that a customer will go for purchase with top 5 results that he gets while he search for particular term.

Here I would explain the techniques to save your website with Negative SEO Guide 2017.

How to save your website from Negative SEO attack?

Check backlinks regularly

The main factor of negative SEO is backlinks. Cheaters try to make some junk links and give backlinks to our money website and get them indexed in Google, and Google consider this as spam and finally it gives penalty to our website and it goes back in ranking. So, check with your SEO expert or yourself that are the backlinks ok or not? You can check this with many good tools like Ahrefs or semrush. And you can use robot.txt to get all the junk links removed.

Anchor texts

Check for the anchor texts that are used in the backlinks and make sure if they are not too spammy, as it can also affect your website negatively. There are many bulk anchor texts tools available which checks if the anchors are ok, broken or having 404 errors.

There are  many more things to check so go through the link that I have mentioned above and you will get a clear idea about negative SEO and how you can deal with it.