The tantalizing tech-talk to care about

Today’s world is witnessing the extensive digital growth in all kinds of apps, games, and gadgets and with each passing day, the technology trends are driven more towards exceeding excellence that is very much surpassing the standards already set before by the same apps and gadgets. Be it the Smartphones or the personal computers, laptops, and Macbook, the quality of the apps is ever escalating. The terrific technology today has trespassed into the lives of the common people nowadays and even the very ordinary man who is able to afford a Smartphone is working and using various kinds of apps, playing games and even utilizing some apps in the daily lives as well.

D for Digital: Intechbuzz is one of the best havens for the tech freaks who are sure to get carried away by the variety of information available regarding the latest technology trends, technology tips, social media games and apps, tech-blogs, modern software, technology updates, apps for PC and the list is endless. It is a known fact today that we cannot live without technology today and every person today is taking part in this technology revolution in order to survive in the modern times. In this section, we are going to concentrate on the coolest Chrome-cast apps that are gathering hype today.Image result for The tantalizing tech-talk to care about

  • Netflix: One of the biggest blessings of the Chrome-cast apps is Netflix that comes with the enticing video streaming feature enabling a person to watch as many videos as possible, provided there is a strong internet connection. It is being updated periodically and anyone who loves to watch live sports programs, movies, serials and other videos can definitely download the app that is available in both the Android Google play store and Apple iOS app store. Let the splendid streaming begin then!

  • Pandora: Along with music master apps like the Google Play Music and Spotify, there is another Chrome-cast music app known as Pandora. It is very simple to download, install and use. Suitable for all kinds of versions such as Android and iOS, this app allows in finding and listening to numerous music numbers.

  • Pocket casts: If the TV is something that you cannot live without, then this can be your best buddy in your Smartphone. This is one of the best forms of portable TV apps that comes from the store of the Chrome-cast and is found for both the Android and iOS operating systems.

  • HuluPlus: The name might sound a little funny but this is one of the most wonderful apps having Chrome-cast support and used for improved TV and movie streaming, comprising of an extensive library of old movies as well the latest movies and telecast shows. It can even run a show that is running live on the TV while you are moving!

In addition to the above-mentioned apps, there are other apps like the iHeartRadio for listening to various radio stations, Allcast, Chrome browser, Chrome-cast App and Google Play Movies and TV to keep you entertained whenever you feel like throughout the day.