The Top Skills to Boost Your Tech career for PRINCE2 in 2021

After a difficult 2020, could this year see you get your career moving forward again? The economic turmoil and switch to home working have caused many people to put their careers on hold, but getting the right training in 2021 could set you in the right direction.

Learn a New Language

Language skills are more in demand than ever before, as big brands look for new ways to break into valuable overseas markets. The rise of remote working has helped in this respect too, as it is now far easier to put together a team of workers from around the planet.

The most widely-spoken languages are, naturally, those that give you the best career prospects. For example, speaking Spanish opens up opportunities in Latin America as well as in Spain. French is also spoken in several different parts of the world.

Chinese may be one of the most difficult tongues for an English speaker to master, but it can be hugely rewarding given the increasing importance of the Chinese market in the global marketplace. 

Project Management

Businesses will always need to carry out projects to improve their processes and adapt to changing legislation, among other things. In fact, the upheaval we have seen in the last year could make this more important than ever, as company bosses look to react to the changes seen in their industries.

The starting point here is in choosing a project methodology to use. One of the most popular on a global basis is PRINCE2, which gives a structured, organized approach to any type of project in any industry. Get PRINCE2 project management training courses and can apply for positions just about anywhere.

Another option is to ask to get involved in projects at your current employer. Project teams often look to take business experts on secondment, to help them to understand the processes better and produce more appropriate solutions in the end. 

Communication Skills

The way that we now commonly hold meetings over Zoom, Skype and other virtual platforms has changed the way that we communicate, but it hasn’t changed the need for good, consistent communication across business areas.

In fact, this is more important than ever before. If a team is dotted across the country or the globe, their communication needs to be perfect. This is why businesses now pay a lot more attention to how comfortable their employees are using the latest technology and tools.

As well as being able to hold virtual meetings, you need to understand how to share and collaborate with others who aren’t in the same office as you. This might sound easy, but a good training course is needed to give you the confidence needed in this respect.

Developers and Programmers

The increase in the demand for programmers and software developers shows no sign of slowing down. These roles remain hugely in demand, especially with many companies looking to make more use of technology in the future.

The need for online tools that bring teams together and help them carry out processes they once did in a single office also means that this area should continue to grow over time.

The best approach is to choose a programming language that you want to learn. HTML is probably the easiest of all, followed by JavaScript. After that, you can look at the likes of Python or Java to carry on learning.

Now isn’t the time to just let your career drift on. Take advantage of the way that the jobs market and work environment have changed by grabbing the initiative and getting the training you need to look forward to a bright future.