Things to consider when choosing webinar software

Webinars are still a new technology and though they have a huge impact as far as marketing goes, not many people are comfortable using them. The webinar software availability options are not that broad either. So, once you know what it is you are looking for, it shouldn’t be too hard to pick the software that suits you.

How big would it be?

Most software imposes a limit to the number of attendees and again most software would let you increase the limit by paying for it. To begin with it should be ok to go with the existing limit. If 200 people have signed up for the webinar, then you can expect no more than 50 to 60 attendees going by the statistics.

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To record or not to record

You can read webinarjam review and reviews for other webinar software to find out what features they offer. Remember that most people who have signed up and not attended the webinar would expect you to send them a recording that they can watch at their convenience. It’s up to you whether you want to provide a recording or not but it might be beneficial in the long run; you can even share it on your social media to generate interest so that more people would attend your next webinar.

Chat functions

Do you want the webinar to be a one sided affair or would you welcome input from the audience. Some platforms offer attendee chat functions that will allow your audience to interact with each other as well as with you. Make sure you consider this option carefully.

Price range

Reviews like webinarjam review will come in handy when deciding on software based on price. Just ensure that you are not compromising on quality. But realistically for good quality software that has almost all the features you want, you will have to pay about $50-$100.