Things You Might Notice When You Switch to Vaping

Are you noticing some strange side effects since switching to vaping? Here is a list of common ones, and why they’re happening.

Things You Might Notice When You Switch to Vaping

If you have made the decision to quit regular cigarettes and instead, have decided to smoke e-cigs, you may noticea few irritating side effects before you begin seeing the benefits.

The number of side effects, and how severe they are, will be influenced by how regularly you smoked traditional tobacco.

However, the good news is that most of these side effects are completely normal and will eventually disappear, leaving you to reap the many health benefits.

Read on to find out about some of the most common happenings when you make the big switch to vape pens and what could be causing them.


During the initial period, when you’ve laid the fags to rest, you may start to see a deterioration in the condition of your skin.

This is an incredibly normal side effect and has even been dubbed the ‘quit zits.’ This symptom happens due to the fact that cigarette smoke, unlike vapour smoke, contains a massive number of harmful toxins.

Therefore, your body has to find a way tore lease the toxins that you have put into it – resulting in teenage-like skin issues. On a positive note, this spotty symptom will clear up with time, as your toxin level and your skin return to normal.


One of the symptoms that can cause the most issues when quitting smoking is aheadache.

Headaches happen as one of the first tobacco withdrawal symptoms.This is because your body begins to notice that you’ve stopped taking in damaging, addictive nicotine. Along with this, the poisonous toxins that come in cigarettes are leaving your system.

There are multiple ways to combat this painful problem, with the most effective ones to be drinking lots of water and incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are one of the most frustrating, irritating symptoms of quitting smoking.

Damage and tearsarecaused by inhaling tobacco smoke, so once you stop this and begin inhaling less harmful vapour smoke, your body will begin to produce new tissue to heal your damaged mouth tissue.

While this repair happens, you will begin to develop mouth ulcers. Once your mouth tissue has recovered from the effects of smoking, you will begin to notice the benefits.

Tingling or prickling feelings

While much less painful than some of the other symptoms on this list, the tingling and prickling feelings that occur when quitting smoking can be slightly concerning or irritating for you.

However, these sensations are simply the result of your blood circulation increasing in your body, which is greatly reduced because of the toxins found in tobacco smoke. Once the worst of these toxins have left the body, these feelings will start to vanish.

Quitting smoking and turning to vaping will not be the easiest journey. It can take a few months for all of the negative quitting symptoms to clear. However, once they do you will be able to start noticing the benefits that come with the transition.

This will mean that you will start to feel healthier and happier, and notice a considerable difference in your life.