Three major concepts of Content Delivery Network

What is Content Delivery Network(CDN)?

A Content Delivery Network popularly known as CDN or Content Distribution Network is a global connection of numerous proxy servers set up in several data centers. The major aim of a CDN is to provide content to users taking care of the performance and availability. CDNs occupy a large portion of the internet today. They contain web objects like text, graphics and downloadable content like media and software files and much more. Nowadays, several companies pay CDN operators who would deliver their content to their users. Here we will discuss three major concepts of a CDN and will also learn about some of the cheapest CDNs available on the internet. We will also discuss the three major concepts of a Content Delivery network.Image result for Three major concepts of Content Delivery Network

Three major concepts of Content Delivery Network

1. Delivery of content through optimum servers

CDNs are mostly used to improve the overall performance of delivering a web page. One of the cheapest CDNs such as the Akamai CDN provides optimized web pages and downloads. CDN servers are set up in several locations around the globe. A larger CDN provides better and optimum content at fast rates.

2. Reducing Server Loads through balancing

This technology uses various switches to share traffic among servers. The traffic that arrives at the switch is directed to an optimum web server attached to the switch. This helps in balancing the load as the switch checks for available servers every time. This increases the total capacity and reliability of a web server. This reduces the possibility of a web server failure.

3. Request Routing

The request routing technique redirects the requests of the clients to the server on which the content is available for optimum performance. This is also used to redirect the users from busy servers to those with less traffic and more capacity. This technique is like the Load balancing but the major difference is that it reduces failure rates by a great margin. This is one of the most dynamic concepts of CDN. This service also has provision for providing the closest possible server to the user for faster delivery rates.


CDNs have reduced the internet traffic by a great margin. Content delivery is now a meagre issue. Faster rates and better performances are achieved by CDNs which makes them a favourite among big organizations.