Three Reasons a Virtual Answering Service May Be Right for You


businesses are small businesses. In fact, small businesses make up 99.7% of U.S. employer firms. You can probably think of examples of small businesses that are professional, well-run, and that provide quality products or services as well as those that have a good product or service but fail to execute from a business management standpoint. There are many business solutions, such as a virtual answering service, that can help businesses create operating efficiencies and improve customer service without requiring heavy investment. Here are three examples of how a virtual answering service helps small businesses. 


  • A Virtual Answering Service Provides Work-Life Balance


This goes first because sanity is important. The hustle and grind of small business ownership can be intense. It is important to shut down and focus on non-business-related priorities, connect with family and friends, and spend time doing activities that replenish and refill your tank. Leveraging a virtual answering service allows you to turn off your phone during evenings, weekends, on vacation, or at any time you do not want to field incoming calls. Business never stops so a virtual answering service will ensure calls are still answered while you get a break.


  • A Virtual Answering Service Communicates Professionalism


Depending on your business, a virtual answering service communicates not only professionalism but also that your services are in high demand. This is especially true if you are an independent contractor as they are known to be sole entrepreneurship, and thus, one-man-shops (or woman). A virtual answering service communicates to potential clients that you are busy, which means clients see your services as valuable, which intensifies demand. If you are perceived as having a large customer base and require someone to assist with the intake process, that creates credibility and credibility is key to customer acquisition. 


  • A Virtual Answering Service Creates 24/7 Access


Depending on your industry, you may want to be available 24/7. This could be necessary due to client needs or it could be something that is a differentiator for your business compared with the competition. If you try to run a 24/7 shop by designating people to be on-call, the use of a virtual answering service may be an option for you. 

Small businesses fuel the U.S. economy. There are many technology tools that help small businesses operate, deliver quality service, and grow. A virtual answering service is one example. Could it work for your business?