Why Your Small Business Should Have a Virtual Phone Number?

When you are running a small business, you have a lot of choices to make. Examining the many benefits of a virtual phone number can help you decide if it is a good fit for your company. 

Virtual Phone Numbers Are Cost-Effective

Traditional business phone plans can be prohibitively expensive. In contrast, virtual numbers tend to be much more affordable while still proving a host of features you can use to grow your business. You can find full-featured plans starting under $10 per month, which means you can realistically expect to spend less per year than you were spending per month with a landline. Plus, you’ll have increased flexibility with a virtual number. 

They Offer an Incredible Suite of Features 

No matter how big or small your business is, a virtual number offers enough features to meet your needs. You know better than most that customer service matters. That is one of the many areas where virtual numbers will allow you to shine. You won’t have to worry about unanswered calls, reaching the wrong extension, or overlooked messages anymore. Look for these features when you are shopping for a virtual phone number: 

  • Linked phone features so incoming calls and texts go simultaneously to multiple lines
  • Data tracking and analysis that helps you uncover patterns and recall conversations
  • Automatic replies to calls and messages
  • Access to live receptionist when you can’t take calls 

Custom Numbers Provide a Professional Appearance

You won’t be stuck with whatever number the local phone company generates for you, or be forced to use an exchange that doesn’t appeal to your audience. In fact, with a virtual phone line, you can choose a different number for each geographic region you operate in, or you can opt for a toll-free number for nationwide appeal. Vanity numbers that are easy to remember and associate with your company are easy to customize for your needs, too. 

Virtual Phone Lines Use Existing Tech

The prospect of investing in a new set of gadgets and devices is enough to turn many businesses away from expanding phone capability. Virtual phone lines use your existing gear. Even if you want to add an extra number, you can do it without expanding your technology. Your new ninja number will ring to your current cell phone. That eliminates the need for new phones, routers, chargers and other supportive devices for the technology. 

The decision to change phone providers is not a small one. However, you want to ensure that your business is getting the best value for your investment. For many businesses, virtual numbers offer many benefits that make them a smart choice.