Three Ways Your Organization Can Ensure Security

Gone are the days when diamonds, pearls, gemstones were worth securing from theft. The world today has even more valuable things which are not shiny, but more precious than the shiny ones. Data is the new gemstone for people today and they cannot be kept in bank vaults. Their vaults are the computers and hard drives of various corporate companies. So, the primary aim of these organizations should only be their security because they are no less than a bank.

Talking about security, what can be the possible ways of data theft should be considered in mind first. The data can be stolen either in a physical form, i.e. via hard drives and all or it can be stolen virtually i.e. by hacking. Securing it is even more difficult than any pearl or diamond as they can only be stolen physically. Since it is more difficult to protect hence a higher level of security is required at the organization end. Let us take a look upon the three ways in which the organizations can ensure their security.

  1. Proper authorizations inside the office premise:

There are a lot of people going in and out of the office premise at any time for various purposes. But everyone should have an area within which they should be authorized. This has to be properly monitored so that the secure areas are not affected by the intruders who might come inside with the motive of data theft. ID cards should be issued to the external vendors visiting the office and they should display it at all the times. Not just the external vendors, but also the office employees should be provided with ID cards which they should carry around with them in the office premise. A fingerprint scanner and fingerprint locks must be installed at every point for better security.

  1. Proper provisioning and de-provisioning of the employees:

Addition of new employees in a company must be done with a lot of care. Proper background verification should be done else your organization can become the victim of corporate espionage. The provisioning of the new users in a company should be done in such a way that they get access to only limited data which is of their work purpose. Similarly, while de-provisioning a user who has left the organization, all admin rights of the users must be revoked and their existing IDs must be wiped out entirely from the organization’s directory such that, if in future they try to access any company data for wrong purposes, they should not be able to do so.

  1. Proper firewall and antivirus should be installed:

On any and all the cases, for virtual  security of an organization’s data, proper firewalls must be        installed and all the latest patches of antivirus must be updated. Along with that, unknown sites should be blocked. Corporate security solutions must be adhered at every point in an organization.