Tips to ensure safety for pedestrians

The number of vehicles in the streets is increasing in keeping with the increase in population. This is to be expected, but what is disconcerting is how much the number of accidents has gone up in the past few years. Handheld devices like mobiles and tablets are responsible for this situation to a large extent.  Even though it is against the rules to use mobile while riding, a lot of people still do so. Even if they are using Bluetooth headphones and such, it is still not safe because the potential for getting distracted is quite high. And a distracted driver is a danger to himself as well as anyone around him.

The situation is not much better where pedestrians are concerned, in fact it might actually be worse. Since they are not saddled with the responsibility of keeping a vehicle under control, pedestrians often tend to pay more attention to their phones, than a person driving a car would. So, though unfortunate, it isn’t quite unexpected when someone walks into oncoming traffic or gets hit by a car coming out of a parking lot.

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  • The best way to stay safe on the road is to follow all traffic rules, no matter how non sensible they might seem.
  • Nobody should be using any devices while driving or walking on the road. A little distraction on your part can cost someone their life.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Road is not the place for introspection. If you want to be engrossed in thought, your home will be a better place to do it.
  • Don’t drink and drive or even drink and walk on the road. Most traffic accidents are caused by inebriated drivers but 34% of such accidents were caused by drunken pedestrians.

The Car Coming Sign could be an added safety measure as well. These signs can be used at parking lots and parking facilities to inform pedestrians that cars would be moving in and out of the building and as such they need to be very careful.

This is a rather innovative idea but it can really save someone’s life. The sign is created by PASS signs and are very appropriate. Though these signs can’t cut down accidents completely as people have to make an effort to be more careful, but the signs can surely cut down unwanted accidents that occur at parking lot exits very often.