Top 7 Reasons Why Mean Stack Professionals Are Preferred in Analytical Industry

As the online landscape becomes more vibrant, the demand for IT professionals who can create dynamic, interactive and responsive web pages have skyrocketed. In this context, JavaScript is gradually being consolidated with more innovative approaches like MEAN stack. MEAN combines MongoDB, Express.js and Angular JS with the frameworks running upon Node.js. Applications can be created with minimum coding, components are embedded with ease and JavaScript can be used for coding everything from client to server sides.


Subscribing to Mean Stack web development course can prove beneficial for your career as an increasing number of enterprise applications with sophisticated functionalities are being developed using MEAN. Organizations that choose to subject its IT employees to this training also stand to reap rich rewards in terms of availing advantages of advanced web technological interventions. Applications can be built quickly and tested or validated easily. Authentication and authorization of users also become easier.


Why Are Organizations Seeking Proficiency in Mean Stack Among Prospective Employees?

The demand for mean stack professionals is gradually increasing and employers are willing to pay good compensation packages to retain them on rolls. This is evident from the average salaries commanded by developers as depicted below.


But what is triggering this demand? The primary reasons are discussed below.

1) Cloud Optimized

Mean Stack(MS) is ideal for building powerful enterprise applications deployed over the cloud. Apps can be scaled up or down without causing significant overheads in terms of infrastructure and resource expenses. Cloud native apps can be used by different users concurrently without compromising on performance factor.

2) Ideal for Building SPAs

Single-page applications (SPAs) find wide usage across enterprises as information and functionalities can be strategically served through single webpages. Frequently calendars, expense trackers, data entry forms, news aggregators, maps, location finders etc. need to be built and deployed. This can be easily accomplished with AngularJS frontend framework of MS.

3) Open-Source

Due to the open-source nature of MS, applications developed with it are free to use for a lifetime. This spells into significant savings for medium to small scale organizations where maintaining bottom line integrity always remains a challenge.

4) Consistent and Standardized Approach

While building web and mobile applications, it is vital to employ a standard software stack. Development time is reduced when runtime libraries and web frameworks collaborate for streamlining of resources. MS is an end-to-end JavaScript stack that offers a comprehensive one-stop solution for cloud ready applications.

5) Easy Management of Huge Data Volume

With MongoDB, the NoSQL database, the relational database model is superseded by an object-oriented structure that is aimed at optimizing cloud apps. Application related data is stored in MongoDB. Since JavaScript is common to both app and database, the data objects need not be translated during an exchange between backend and database. Fields can be added to the database without causing the entire table to be reloaded. Data access is not hampered even when the volume of information increases as database related resources can be expanded with just a few clicks.

6) Safest Authentication of Users

Safety and integrity of sensitive organizational data is a priority for all enterprises. With applications built using MS, users can be authenticated in a failsafe manner. This reduces the vulnerability of confidential data and eliminates the scope of inadvertent manipulation.

7) MVC Structure Based

MS is designed in MVC (Model View Controller) framework. This facilitates lower turnaround time during application building and supports parallel development wherein you can work on the view while a concurrent developer would focus on the controller.

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