Top features of Telephone System

It is very much essential for you as a business owner to understand and know the telephone system features, as there are many business telephone system features out. This will help you in making a wish list of the features you may need in the future and make a checklist of what you want at present for your enterprise.

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Below are some features of telephone system:

  • Automatic attendant: This feature is one of the most common features in telephone systems. If you owe this feature then there is no need to have a live operator or a receptionist. The callers can themselves choose the extension they need based on a menu and thus the call will automatically get transferred to that department.
  • Extension Dialing: This vital feature of telephone systems helps the caller in reaching the person they are calling by dialing their extension.
  • Dialing through name: This feature is referred to as a directory that helps callers to reach someone by dialing the first three letters of their name or the last name.
  • Personal automated attendant: This feature helps you when the call is not answered; it is delivered to a voice prompt that will allow the caller to choose from many options such as, choosing the other extension or external number.
  • Holding on music: This is one of the most awesome features of telephone systems. In this feature you can use legacy extensions so as to reach the person they are calling from the automated attendant. If you upgrade this feature, you are never going to miss an important call.
  • Block: This feature helps you to block the calls of specific areas code.

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