Top Five Features Every Mobile Business App Should Have

More and more companies are creating mobile business apps that correspond to their websites.  Why?  Because these days it is no longer enough to simply have a web presence.  Online activity continues to shift to mobile usage on smartphones and it doesn’t look like this trend will slow down anytime soon. And not only is it important to have an app for your business, it needs to be a good one.  Otherwise, if users do not find it friendly to navigate, they will quickly lose interest.  So what do users want when using your mobile business app?  Here are the top five features to include on mobile business apps:

The App Should Have Responsive Design

Mobile devices come in many different shapes and sizes.  With responsive design, the layout adjusts to the dimensions of the screen of the user.  It uses flexible images that are sized in units relative to the user device to contain the images.  Optimizing the user experience with a layout that is easy to read helps to prevent users from quickly moving on.Image result for Top Five Features Every Mobile Business App Should Have

It Should Include the Ability to Work Offline

While wireless data is readily available most places these days, there are times when you do not have internet access such as on airplanes, remote locations, or sometimes the Wi-Fi service where you are is experiencing technical issues.  An app that allows its users to still work offline is a great feature to give your app an edge over others.

It Has the Capability to Be Updated Regularly

Just like anything else in the high-tech world, mobile business apps need regular updating to fix bugs and improve functionality.  Also, you may get feedback from customers on issues you had not thought of and need to make the necessary adjustments based on that feedback.  So make sure that your app allows for updating when it is needed.

Users Can Customize Their App Experience

Having a customizable app allows for the user to feel some ownership over it.  Whether it’s something simple like a customizable avatar or “skin” or something more complex and specific to the purpose of your app, the ability for users to customize their experience is a feature you will want to include.

Touch Support is a Must for Mobile Business Apps

If the user must somehow access a keyboard or mouse for any features of the app, then there is a good chance they will not return to use the app again. Users expect full touch functionality these days.  And all apps should be easy to use without having to try to “figure out” how to use them.  Touch support is a popular feature because users do not have to process how to use the app and can focus on the reason they are accessing it, to begin with.