Types of broadband – Internet connection is the oxygen of life

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Internet Montreal

Broadband connections include different types of transmission technologies including Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable, Fiber, Satellite, Broadband Powerlines and wireless. If you intend to take up internet Montreal, you can choose the technology based on different factors like location, weather, population, availability and price.

Knowing DSL

This is a wired transmission for faster data transfer and already installed copper telephone lines are used. The speed you enjoy depends on the nearest telephone company near your location. Again DSL is classified into two types:

Symmetrical DSL – This is mainly used by businesses and requires certain bandwidth for upstream and downstream.

Asymmetrical DSL – This is used for the domestic purpose so surfers can receive a lot of data but cannot send in high quantity.

Cable Modem

The cable operators offer broadband service via cable modem using coaxial cables that help your television to function. The transmission speed is usually minimum 1.5 Mbps or even more. You turn on the computer to access the modem; you do not need calling the service provider. The speed is more than DSL and you can watch TV at the same time.


Optical fibre converts the electrical signals that carry data in the form of light and transmits the light via glass fibres which have a diameter of a hair. The speed of data transfer is far more than DSL or cable. Till now very limited areas have optical fibre installed but its expanding.


Satellites can also offer broadband links which are a type of wireless technology. This is widespread in remote areas and the speed is usually slower than any other connection but more than a dial-up connection. Service will be hindered during critical weather conditions.

Broadband Powerlines

This is a new technology that uses powerlines to offer the internet so you get these in limited areas.


Wireless internet is so far the most flexible and the speed is pretty good. Wireless services are becoming more and more popular over the years and would improve in years to come.

Fiber Optics versus DSL

This is a comparison between two very common technologies and it is very important to know while you are planning to have internet Montreal connectivity. Light travels faster than anything so data through fibre transfers very fast even after bouncing many times. In DSL, data cannot transfer as quickly as fibre via telephone lines.

Fiber optics speed is ideal for these online activities:

  •    Downloading videos and music
  •    Movies and TV streaming
  •    Playing multi-player games
  •    Connecting multiple devices

With the help of DSL technology you can do the following activities:

  •    Sending and receiving emails
  •    Web browsing
  •    Sending and receiving pictures
  •    E-Book downloading

The optical fibre is more reliable than DSL technology and fibre optics does not depend on electricity. DSL is less expensive that optics but when you compare the value, the latter is more effective.

There is a reason to upgrade

For home based internet, DSL can be a good choice but if you need internet in Montreal for business purpose or other extensive use, upgrade to fibre. Video services like Netflix and IP TV cause bandwidth stress in DSL. If you have accessibility, choose fibre to DSL, it would be a wise decision.

Choosing the ideal service

Choosing the best service can be a bit daunting but there are experts to help you choose among so many plans and deals. The two main decisive factors are your speed and the location. What speed do you require? Bandwidth is the most important factor and it’s measured in megabits/second. If you have many devices on one connection and deal with a lot of data, you need greater bandwidth.   

Now you can surf the internet to check the different service providers in your locality. Talk to them about the options, check for bundles, promotions, proper customer service and do a research yourself. In urban areas, you are likely to have more choices.     


Now you know quite a lot about different broadband technologies.  It is time to explore the options available with your internet service provider. The bottom-line is that you need faster internet in today’s world. The companies offer different types of packages and you can save a lot if you opt for unlimited plans.