Ultimate Ecommerce Web Designers Tricks

Since the arrival of the web, the e-commerce web design has been a hot topic. Doing the business online can be very difficult as all of your competitors are just a few clicks away. It is your website that plays a major role in attracting customers. One slight flaw can make the customers leave your website.

That is the reason behind the demand for great and best e-commerce site design. If you have a seamless and perfectly designed website will not give users time to pause. A great design does more than keep them from backing off. A well-designed website also shows that your e-commerce site is legitimate, established and you have a good business.

E-commerce design tricks and tips

#1. Drive your customers with larger images:

Texts can inform about the product and service, but if there are a fine and quality image on the site, it can describe the products more quickly and effectively. You can add some visual elements to your e-commerce site to enhance the browsing experience of the customers and offer them the experience that they get while purchasing from stores.

It has seen that now the customers don’t prefer to visit stores and access the product manuals. What they do is, they just look at the picture of the product and visually analyze it. For example, while buying a microwave, the customer sees the design of the product, the keys that information about the features and if it will satisfy their requirements.

So, while creating an effective and converting-commerce website, you should present the features and specifications of the products visually. Don’ use small size images which can put stress on viewers eyes. The size of the image must be large enough to capture the attention immediately.

The detailed quality also needs to be high enough through which the customers can assess and understand the products easily and quickly. For example, when you visit a hotel website, you will find a large image of the hotel on the homepage covering around 80 percent of the homepage. This is the tactics.

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Through this, the customer can visualize the experience of staying in that hotel. The image talks more than the texts. From the image, customers can analyze the surrounding environment of the hotel, its room’s quality and services. It has seen that the image of the product can influence customer’s buying habit and they take their final decision more quickly. The reason is the picture let the customers know about the detail without reading any texts.

#2. Design the site to show the trust and security:

The website should be able to provide the customers a factor of trust and security. Most of the online shoppers always stay concerned about their privacy and if the site is offering a secure traction platform or not. If your e-commerce site doesn’t have that level of trustworthy, the customers will immediately move to other online shopping sites. Tips to show the site’s trustworthiness:

  • Add some overviews about the business.
  • Offer general information of the company to people.
  • Attach some photos of the people working in the business.
  • Don’t forget to add the business contact information.
  • If you have any social media accounts, then add a link on your-commerce site.
  • There must be frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.
  • Clearly mention your shipping and return policies.
  • Clearly inform about the return process.

Offer a secure server to the customers for doing transactions or making the payments. Generally, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) proves the authenticity of the site and it encrypted information.

#3.Better UI design:

The look and the feel of the website are the important factors of the e-commerce site. The following are some effective UI design ideas:

  • Keep in mind about the brand identity:

The website must show the brand.  Pick the color which will clearly reflect the brands and what kind of products you are offering. Apart from that, make sure the brand experience is staying consistent across mobile devices. Through this, you can develop an effective and strong customer and brand relationship.

  • Don’t over design the website:

Keep descent font formats such as font face, sizes, and colors. If the text appears like graphics, it can affect the user interface. We designers use high-contrast text and colors to make content clear and visible.

  • Don’t allow popup windows to ruin the website:

Popup windows can irritate customers as they will appear very frequently while doing shopping. So, user-appropriate tools to prevent popup windows.

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#4. Frictionless navigation:

It means the site must offer easy navigation functionality so that people may move around the website without experiencing any glitch. If the shopper will not get a seamless experience, they will leave the site immediately. For this web designers incorporate following terms:

  • Product category:

It means to categorize and subcategorize the products. It works best to describe the range of the products. It allows the users to check out the products instantly.

  • Make the search box ubiquitous:

For best UI, web designers attach the search box on every page of the site in suitable locations. They make sure that the search box is visible easy to use.

  • Search auto-complete functionality:

Give users more convenient search functionality by enabling auto search complete functionality. It will help to boost the sales potentiality.

#5. Simple but attractive product page design:

Web designers can develop such product page for an e-commerce site which can provide best in-person shopping experience. There should be adequate images, product description, and other important details. The best practices for this are:

  • White background:

Make sure that the background of the product is not distracting the customers. That’s why web designers prefer to use a white background as it makes the products to stand out and it matches with any color options.

  • Add videos:

A video can deliver much more information than just texts. Add video to show the customers about the use of the products.

The designing of an e-commerce site is not about developing a website; it’s about building a perfect shopping experience to convert shoppers into your customers. A professional, user-friendly website is enough to attract the customers. You can take help of professional web designers to build a great e-commerce UX.