WeatherBug App – User benefits and acceptance

May 12, 2017

It is the heart of the phone by which we can have access to anything. Earlier the cell phones were limited to calling and the concept of cell phone was narrow but in the present scenario the cell phones are not limited to the calling as these applications has made the cell phones a wide concept. In a single device you are spoiled with lot of technologies, games, news channel in short anything. These applications has made life so easy as in single device we are having everything.

There are three platforms through which you can download your applications:




Here we will discuss about best  weather application, about it , how it works on android and ios.

So first of all how these app are to be downloaded. If one is having an android phone he must be downloading these applications from the playstore and if one is having ios then he must be downloading these from the apple store.

Now moving onto the weather app we are going to discuss about the app names  WeatherBug

About the application:

WeatherBug: It is the most convenient, accurate application that provides you with the fastest alert about the weather forecast and Weather radar. Recently it came up with the updated version. The most sound feature of this app is it is available in the stores free of cost.

After the update of the app the developers have made the app much easier so that its users can check the weather forecast of any place.

How it works:

When one downloads the app and open it for the first it for the first time , to use this app one must agree to its term and conditions and it appears in the following manner:

“by using this application, you agree to the WeatherBug terms of services and  privacy policy (in English)

View WeatherBug term of services and privacy policy.

Google maps API libraries are used under the Google play services agreement

View agreement here.

This appears when you open the app for the first time. By accepting it you agree to all terms and conditions and by declining you can start using the app.

After accepting it the next thing that appears on the screen is:

      Thank you for downloading WeatherBug.

Then they give brief description what is their main aim for the update and it is as follow:

We regularly update WeatherBug to include the latest bug fixes and improvements to speed and reliability.

Then below this two options are available that are skip and next.

In the option skip you skip a little tour that tells us how this application work and it next it is described.

In the option next the working of the application is described in 4 steps:

Location:you can add and delete location here

Alert notification: to receive your desired notification

Minutes do matter: you will get national weather service watches and warnings

Account management:to know about your saved location and setting across the multiple devices.

Here you can check weather for now,hourly and for next ten days.

It evens tells you the sunrise and sunset time when it will be a detailed information about the weather about wind about precipitation and observation.

So it can be said after knowing about it that it’s the best weather app.

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