Website Monitoring and How to Get Event Time-Line As Small As Possible

Websites have developed into the foundation of everything that any business does. Users hitting into a website tells a small business and even large business who their customer base is. This is a fast and convenient way until something happens and the website goes down. If you are a small company and no one has been delegated the website monitoring task, you could lose thousands of hits until the website gets back up. And this can get expensive and actually affect a company’s bottom line monthly.

Website monitoring

There needs to be some way to monitor your website, so that when it goes down, it only takes minutes to be up again. Two ways to do this is to either hire a company whose sole job is monitoring websites or installing a software package that will immediately beep someone on your staff and they can get the problem solved.

Event timeline

The time for this event needs to be fast including:

  • Website down;
  • Monitor alerted;
  • Finds problem;
  • Fixes problem;
  • Re-boot system;
  • Website up again.

See any problems with this time-line – because I do. What if the person that is alerted has no idea what is wrong with the website? This can add up to an hour or more to this event. Or you might find the problem easy enough but it takes time to get it fixed especially if some hardware has failed. Both of these items in an event with your website can add hours to the amount of time it takes to get the website up and running again.

Companies that monitor

But if a company’s sole purpose is to monitor websites, they could make the event time much smaller for you especially if you are using a reputable website monitoring firm to handle this responsibility. In a year’s time a website monitoring company can save you more money than you paid them for this service.

I am sure you can see what would be the most effective answer for your company or firm.