What do you need to know about XSS attack?

It is a way of getting information from the user. The attacker includes the malicious code on a web page. When the user visits the site and enters his information, the malicious piece of code starts running, and the data of the user is sent to the attacker. It can be used in many ways. The web pages that cannot filter code are most vulnerable to this type of attack. It is mostly used on trusted sites where the user feels comfortable to write his information. It can also be used to target any site. It can also be injected to JavaScript. Cookies are a common way of getting the saved user data through this method. This article will give you a complete description of what is cross-site scripting.

How is cross-site scripting attack executed?


  • Firstly, the attackers check what site or victim to target. They analyze and attack only those sites which give them the greatest profit. Your social media account is also important, but you can’t compare it with your bank account. An attacker can perform this XSS attack on a website which businesspeople use mostly.
  • After analyzing, they create and inject the malicious piece of code into the targeted place. The language of code is dependent on its place of usage. It can be a JavaScript or HTML code.
  • The duty of the attacker is now paused for a bit. He has placed the net, and he has to wait for the prey to arrive. When the victim visits the site, the actual game starts then. 
  • The victim types in his details or secret information that is helpful for the attacker. The malicious block of code is now executed. The attacker gains unauthorized access to the user’s data. He extracts the required information from it. He can now use that data for his gains.

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Is there any way to check if a site is vulnerable to XSS attack?

With the advancement in the field of hacking, the field of cybersecurity has also flourished. Today, there are many tools available online that can check if your site is vulnerable to XSS attack. These tools also provide detailed instructions about the actions you should perform to protect the data of users of your site. It is a great way of helping website owners. There is also a drawback of these tools. An attacker can also test if a site is vulnerable to XSS attack and he can perform his task successfully without any hurdle.  So, care is needed while performing an online search for XSS attack checker tool.

How to prevent your website from XSS attack?

You can easily prevent your site from XSS attack by using the filter. A filter checks the code before running it. There are popular codes that are used as it is for a cyber attack. Thus, a filter can easily separate these malicious codes. You can also use many other techniques to minimize the chances of any cross-site scripting attack.