Why and How MSBI is Making Rounds for Career Growth?

Carrie Bono
July 21, 2017

Have you ever thought of MSBI? It stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. It is a cluster of tools that focus on providing optimized business solutions. It unearths data mining queries and offers exact business intelligence. MSBI helps in the right decision making as it gives accurate and current information with the help of Visual Studio and SQL server. A user can discover, analyze and visualize data in Excel as it gives freedom to merge and share reports easily via SharePoint.

At present, when businesses are counting more on an accurate business insight, Microsoft Business Intelligence or MSBI has become an indispensable tool. Not just for enterprises, but Microsoft BI is important for people who want to pursue a career in this field. Enterprises of all scale and sizes are counting on it for advanced analytics and insights.

In today’s market, companies are looking for suitable candidates who master MSBI. Amid various career choices and jobs around, this is what gaining moment at present. Those who think what job roles one may get into Microsoft BI, then here is the answer.

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Pursuing a career in Microsoft BI can land you in the following job roles-

  • BI Consultant
  • BI Developer
  • MSBI Developer
  • Senior MSBI Developer
  • IT Analyst and more

How much one can earn?

As everyone’s primary purpose is to earn money in terms of job MSBI doesn’t disappoint too. Alone in the United States the average salary for BI professionals is $102,000. This drawn salary is higher than what others may bag in any other technology field.

However, for freshers in India, companies pay about 350,000 INR that keeps on increasing by 20% every year as one gets his/her hands on experience. All over the world, the demand for Microsoft BI professionals is increasing day by day.

What it has in store for future

BI tools have features for customization, advanced visualization, analytics and preparedness for Internet of Things (IoT). Almost every big company is using this tool, which ultimately depicts that there is an opportunity to succeed.

Those interested in pursuing a career in this field should buckle up and enroll for MSBI training. As a beginning, you can start by learning over the internet as there are many communities and forums offering free MSBI guides for newbies.

You can take help from such guides and get started with Microsoft Business Intelligence training.

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