Why should you write a blog

The blog is the digitized way of communication where you can get a wide audience that will listen to your opinions and findings. It is a source to earn quick money and get promotions that can help you reach large no. of people with similar interest or those who face the same problems.

It is one of the best platforms to voice out your opinions and display it in a coherent manner.

Reasons to start a blog

  1. Brings clarity in thought process– Writing a blog helps a person to think in a more rational way and further building the foundations of their research to give accurate and reliable information.
  2. Improves writing skills-A regular blog writer tends to have proficient writing skills and tends to make less grammatical mistakes and forms meaningful and impactful sentences.
  3. Helps gain confidence-Blogging helps us to know your strengths and weakness. It brings along itself a scope for appreciation as well as criticism which helps to shape our personality overall.
  4. Source of earnings-A blog which has a lot of traffic tend to earn big money so starting up a blog can help you earn that extra money without making any investment.
  5. Promotion of products– Blogs serve as a good medium to promote the products that a company offers. It helps give a summarized version of how and what the product is.
  6. It is economical-Blogs can be made free of cost or can be purchased at a very nominal rate and the returns from that blog far surpass the investment amount


So this was all on howtostartablog101, a complete guide on the reasons why a blog can help a person both financially and intellectually. It is like a modern day diary and I personally feel everybody here should start up something that they can call their own.