Zero Electric Air Conditioning: An Innovation That Will Change HVAC Forever

With innovative new technologies taking the world by storm, we are getting the privilege to exploit the advantages of an increasing number of smart products in almost every sector and the HVAC field is no exception. Revolutionary air conditioning technologies like Zero Electric Air Conditioning on Indiegogo are changing the way in which we cool our homes.

Most of us are lucky enough to have access to the ability to control the temperature level around us – at our homes, in our cars or at work. We usually set a comfortable temperature range around us using some kind of dial or remote control. However, it’s not easy for everyone, especially since it’s not economical or environment friendly. This is where zero electric air conditioning steps in.

Does that technology sound new to you? As the name suggests, this new air conditioning technology consumes zero electricity. It’s an electricity-free and cheap method, which means it’s favorable to the environment as well.

How Zero Electric Air Conditioning Cools the Room?

Here’s how a zero electric air conditioning system cools the room. You just have to fill this climate control device with water and the evaporation of water from the Air-Con cylinder’s micro porous surfaces cools the room. It absorbs the vapor from the air and dehumidified the surrounding and cools further via heat absorption. Plants, which get nourished due to the continuous drawing of water vapor and other nutrients, absorb carbon dioxide and other gases and supply fresh oxygen. As a result, there’s a micro-climate of cool comfort and stable humidity throughout the day.

Advantages of Zero Electric Air Conditioning System

As mentioned earlier, investing in such a system means zero electricity bills for cooling since the cooling is done using water. While adding water cools down the room, not adding water can heat it up, thus serving the purpose of cooling as well as heating. The Air-Con Cylinder and plants ensure continuous fresh air supply. Further, it’s an active humidifier as well as dehumidifier, meaning it maintains constant comfortable humidity.

Ground-breaking technologies are bringing about a major change to the face of HVAC industry and we are sure zero electric air conditioning is one of them.