Read About the Zero Electric Air Conditioning

Zero Electric Air Conditioning provides a simple system for climate control and consists of the Air-Con Cylinder that cools when you add waterand potted plants that usesCO2 and releases fresh oxygen in your home.

How this works

All you need to do is simply refill the tanks with water each morning. The evaporation of water from the surface of the cylinder made of a micro porous material that cools the room. In addition, the material dehumifies any room by absorbing the vapour from air or humidifies a dry room by releasing vapour into the air.


More cooling occurs with the absorption of heat into the cold cylinder body. Plants, which are nourished by the constant draw of vapour and nutrients, digest CO2 and other gases, while supplying fresh oxygen. You will end up with a micro-climate of stable humidity and cool comfort, all day.

Patent pending

The patent is pending on the first Zero Electric Air Conditioner (zeAC). It cools rooms without electricity. In live testing zeAC constantly cools the room down to a temperature of near 27°C when the temperature isabove 35°C in the afternoon outside in Lagos. There is no sweating and no thermal discomfort while testing was recorded in the room.

Items include

The items included in this system include:

  • 6×9 inch Air-Con Cylinder in a Pot
  • Recycled Plastic Pot
  • Tilt Ceramic Cylinder Base
  • Intro to Indoor Plants Booklet
  • Basic Water Tank

Converts to illumination

You can also convert the Zero Electric Air Conditioner to illumination for the house at night. You just simply recharge the power pack with solar energy and replace after it is charged fully. This will provide power for illuminating the LED lights in the water tank, as well as providing power for your small devices (phone and tablets) all the 6×9″ Air-Con Cylinder in a Pot. This basic package includes:

  • 6”X9” Air-Con cylinder in a pot
  • Basic Power Package
  • Recycled Plastic Pot
  • Tilt Ceramic Cylinder Base
  • And 2 more items

If this has grabbed your attention go to Zero Electric Air Conditioning on Indiegogo.