4 Reasons Why Articles Are Your Most Powerful Traffic Tool

The single most important thing for any blog or website is traffic and while there are many tools available to help drive traffic, the writing and submission of articles remains the most powerful way to increase traffic to any blog or site.

My post today examines 4 reasons why this technique is so powerful.

Become an Expert in your Niche

Creating well written and informative articles can establish you as an expert in your niche. You will build trust and confidence with your readers which will make them more receptive to any sales offer you may have.


Article submission is one of the most affordable means of generating traffic. You can write them yourself or you can hire a ghostwriter relatively inexpensively. You can then submit these articles to many directories manually or you can use one of the many tools that practically automates this process. Either way, this will increase the number of links that point back to your blog, which will increase your page rank, your search engine rank and your Alexa rank..

Articles are Viral in Nature

All article directories allow you to add a personal snippet in what is referred to as a “resource box” at the bottom of each article you submit. Most, if not all, directories will allow you to put at least one link in the resource box. This could be a link back to your blog or one that points to a product you may be promoting. In addition to providing you a means to link back to your blog, your articles can be republished on other blogs and websites thereby becoming viral in nature. It’s this viral nature that can drive more traffic and point more links back to your blog, as well as establish your expertise. And that’s a win, win, win.

Long-Term Traffic

Because your articles never disappear, they can potentially bring you traffic for years to come. Articles archived in these directories can be read by anyone and can generate thousands of backlinks to your blog. Not only that, articles can be picked up by search engines on their own merit and due to the ability to link back to your blog in the resource box of your article, the search engines will also crawl your blog as well.

Although there are many other legitimate ways to drive traffic to your blog, submitting articles remains the most powerful way to drive traffic to your blog, increase your page rank, search engine rank and establish your credibility.

And with that, I hope this finds you well.

Article Credit: Bravr