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Starting a new business is an adventure. It gives you the opportunity to organize and order things in the way you think best. Most startups nowadays are established and put into operation with few resources. To stay as cost-effective as your competitors it is necessary to be as lean as them. This must not only be done in the number of staff you hire and the premises you rent; it must also be done with your supplies—that is, you must establish a supply system that is efficient and low cost.

One of the items you will need most, and that you will consume most quickly is ink cartridges. It may be your goal to run a paperless office, but it has not happened yet. For the moment, you and your team must still print and copy documents. But you need not do so expensively. You may have started out with printer ink that you have subsequently discovered is the most expensive on the market. Replacing expensive ink cartridges is not that hard. Your best move is to get in touch with a vendor that specializes in supplying inexpensive cartridges to businesses such as yours.

You want to establish a relationship with such a company, if you find they are good at what they do. Going beyond a one-off purchase will work out better for you in the long-run. Most such companies are willing to manage your stock of ink cartridges. That means you will not have to assign a member of your team to perform this task. They are probably overtasked as it is. As you push forward in your efforts to grow and expand the business, everyone who works for you is overextended and under tremendous pressure to produce. Tracking the number of ink cartridges and putting new ones on order is a bothersome task that will only interfere with what they are supposed to be doing.

The better strategy is to establish a relationship in which your ink supplier tracks the number of cartridges that remain in stock and then sends fresh containers when needed. However, this is not the kind of supply relationship that you can have with just any old company. You must take care in the choice you make. You must work with a supplier that has a proven record of working with small businesses and keeping them well-supplied. If you want results this is the only way to get them.

You must also carry out your search in a certain way. One of the great things about the modern world is that it does not require you to work only with brick-and-mortar suppliers. You can get a better deal by going online and searching for companies that work exclusively in that medium. But before you sign up to anything you should make a careful survey of all that is out there. You should ensure that you are actually getting the best value for the money you are paying. You can begin your research by visiting this site:

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