How do Email Outreach and Targeting fail?

There are multiple reasons for your outreach emails failure. It would be best to be very careful while carrying out an email outreach campaign; otherwise, you are at the risk of being marked as spam by the recipients.

In this article, we will be discussing different reasons for the failure.

Common Reasons for Email Outreach Failure

There are many reasons why email outreach fails: from not personalizing emails to sending messages to the incorrect audience, trying to flatter someone, and failing to offer anything in return. Of all these reasons, which one do you think is holding your email outreach campaigns from bringing the results you expect.

Prospects – Where to Find them?

Businesses with more and more prospects and leads are in a better position than their competitors.

You would find people everywhere – both online and offline. It is significant to clearly understand who your buyer is and how you may have to segregate them into different segments.

If you are into B2B business, you may use the LinkedIn email finder to build your prospect list.

LinkedIn Email Finder

You may use LinkedIn email finder tools such as to scrape email addresses in bulk. is an email lookup tool that helps you to find the business email addresses of your prospects. This search tool incorporates big data and machine learning algorithms.

If you take this step for granted and do a manual search or buy the database from a third party, you may end up promoting your brand to the wrong audience.

How to Improve Email Open Rates?

The success of your email marketing campaigns depends on the open email rate. If no one opens your email or only the most undersized majority of people opens it, then you can’t expect to have a new lead acquisition from email marketing.

Cold Email Retargeting

When you have a complete list of your prospects, you send them multiple contents addressing their sales funnel stage.

And to the prospects who have shown some interest in your brand or product or brand by visiting your website, you would then run retargeting ads.

Now again, it’s time to start emailing content that coaxes your prospects. Retargeting content helps to warm up your prospect list.

Let me show you some ways to create a tremendous cold email;

Write a subject line that is very clear and catchy. This helps in enticing your audience to open your email.

And then, ensure that your prospect list is updated with the correct email address. This ensures that you are targeting the right person and that there is little chance of email bounces.

You must place a prominent call to action which tells them what you want them to do next. And prominent doesn’t mean something fascinating, and it has to be in a way that draws attention.

Final Thoughts

You may often have to suspend your email marketing campaign plans and shift priorities because of some situation you never expected. Being proactive and having an alternate method ready would help in avoiding failures. And if you aren’t prepared to handle the uncertainties, your email outreach is sure to fail.