How Technology Will Benefit Your Event

The tradeshow industry is continuously evolving. Event organizers are continuously developing new solutions to help them rise to the increasing expectations of attendees. Innovations will shape the event planning industry. For this reason, event organizers should start embracing these new technologies. According to studies, adopting technology can increase event attendance by 20%. Likewise, it can increase productivity by 27% and decrease cost by as much as 30%.

Today, there is an influx of new event technologies. These new trends come in the form of software designed for each piece of the event cycle. With these innovations, you can take event organizing to a new level. In this article, we shall take a look at current and future trends that will shape the industry and attendees alike.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition for events is expected to make huge strides in the future. The current algorithm is already on the process of calculating facial features, hairstyles, body shapes, expressions, and body language. With facial recognition software, you can look forward to reaching a broader audience during your event. When your software tags one of the attendees, they will in-turn tag their friends. This means that your post will show up in the feeds of event goers.

To maximize the benefits of facial recognition, you should encourage attendees and your event staff to post on Facebook. Make sure that the official event photo is added and shared to a Facebook album. So how will the technology impact your event? First of all, it will help improve check-in, feedback, and security in your event. It will detect the mood of your attendees leading to a more efficient check-in, attendance feedback, and on-site security.

RFID For Event Sponsors

Currently, RFID technology has replaced tickets and physical payment. In the future, RFID will add a whole new dimension to event sponsorship.  As it will come with faster activation check-ins, you can look forward to an increase in engagement. RFID technology will pave the way for sponsors to gather data without any interruptions. It will also allow sponsors to use their creativity in making raffles and polls through virtual participation.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the future of event technology. It can help make attending trade shows and events a more personalized experience. Chatbots will act as an automated customer service for both attendees and organizers. Attendees can look forward to getting prompt answers while the event staff can work more efficiently.  With artificial intelligence finding its way to event planning, attendees can get personalized recommendations on a much wider scale. For instance, technology can help in the interpretation of data from the social media profiles of attendees. It could also provide recommendations on people to meet, conferences to attend, or products to buy.

Event apps

Event apps can pave the way for a seamless experience during the event. Attendees can help attendees track speakers and networking opportunities. Consumer event and festival apps, for example, can help attendees bookmark locations and create custom lineups.

Live Streaming

Even with their growing popularity, live streaming events have been hounded by persistent misconceptions about their value. When used properly, Livestream technology can help boost awareness of your brand. Live streaming can extend your audience beyond the event. Through technology, attendees and organizers can share the event with their friends who could not attend the event. The invitation can be sent via Facebook Live as well as through Twitter. Even if your friend is far away, live streaming can help them become a part of the event as though they were present. Through live streaming, attendees can get to share their personal experience. By creating an event hashtag, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your event in as far as reaching your target audience is concerned.

Social media walls

With this technology, attendees of your event become your marketers. Social media walls will show posts and photos tagged in your event hashtag. This technology can bring about real-time excitement by encouraging your attendees to post and reinforce their posts with the right hashtag.

Productivity Tech

While most of the technology is designed to boost attendee experience, productivity technology is aimed toward the event creator. They can help automate manual tasks such as data transfer, event publishing, and discovering new audiences. By automating your event, you can gain deep insight into your business allowing it to scale your business to multiple dates or cities.


Drones have gained popularity both as a toy and a tool over the last few years. In the world of event planning, drones can become beneficial in large event venues. They can film the event or provide enough security by hovering above the heads of the attendees. However, when using drones as a package for hiring a video editor, you need to be aware that drones may have some privacy issues or may even endanger put your attendees at risk.