Important things to know about beacon technology 

Engaging and attracting the customer is the key factor to achieve a long term business goal and to overcome your competitors. But nowadays the tough market has developed several hurdles for businessmen to earn greater revenue and to promote their brand. As a result, they are facing great losses in their business activities and some are also thinking to windup their business. 

If you are also one of them then to help you out in such situation there is technology named beacons. It helps in reducing the negative effects of the competitors, allowing you to promote your brand on customer’s personal devices. If you are also thinking to use this technology for your business then here are some different types of beacons which you can implement; 

Apple iBeacon 

It is the most famous and commonly used beacon in the market which is compatible with both iOS and android devices and can be easily implemented in any environment. It can be the ideal choice for clear UUID notification broadcasting.  


In comparison to others, this one is installed with multiple options along with standard UUID. This could also help in covering the customers who are not even having the application in their devices. This function makes it an appropriate tool to attract huge and new audience.  


In the technical terms, iBeacon and AltBeacon are much similar but when it comes to operation customization then this can be the best one. It is capable in approaching more streamlined to API which makes it flexible. But sometimes it becomes harder to handle such a huge procedure, for that you should firstly learn to handle all its functions. 

Working patterns of such beacons 

Tracking in-store movement of customers 

By tracking their movements in your stores you can simply deliver your targeted information and discounted rates on their devices. This can help in creating higher leads for business and offers you opportunity to convert them into paying customers. This technology helps in recognizing the exact location of the customer, which means if the customer is in cosmetic or makeup area then he will deliver the information regarding cosmetic brands and makeup. 

Helping customers to find their way to stores 

Sometimes huge department stores consist of countless sessions and each session has a number of items and commodity. This makes it complicated for the customer to find their desired items and miss guide them. But to overcome such issues beacon is can really help the customers in getting the access to the exact location. It helps by delivering all the information about different compartment and items available in them. 

Help in attracting customers to store events 

Some of the stores usually conduct several promotional activities in their stores and don’t find enough footfall due to lack of customer’s lead and information. But with this beacon technology, you can simply help in sending the relevant information about the event on audience personal devices. If you are also thinking to organize any promotional activity in your store then you can attract your customers through this technology.