Should you play World of Warcraft Classic in 2020?

Should you play World of Warcraft Classic in 2020

There have never been so many options for an MMO to play than there are today. With such an abundance of options, why would you play World of Warcraft Classic? The graphics are 2004 style, the game-play is outdated and raw compared to some of today’s newer releases, and well, there’s a new version of WOW available too. Not to mention, the older style of MMORPG’s usually require significantly more time and effort to play and progress than others.

If the investment of time is a worry, there are ways to save time so you can spend yours enjoying the game rather than grinding away all day. Forget about monotonous grinding and consider buying WOW Classic Gold to jump-start your journey. Skip forward, enjoy the gameplay.

Is WOW Classic outdated?

Although based on the 2004 version of the original World of Warcraft, WOW Classic isn’t exactly old. There have been steps taken to optimize the game to utilize today’s hardware capabilities while keeping the nostalgic graphics and overall looks that make the game what it is. If you’ve played WOW Classic before, you’ll be able to appreciate this even further.

Due to its popularity, WOW Classic has its community and own development team separate from that of the retail World of Warcraft; Allowing them to update the game with player-driven content in its path, alternate from its history.

How convenient is the gameplay?

Compared to today’s QoL (Quality of Life) in games for ease and convenience, it could be fair to say that WOW Classic doesn’t have that. For example, if you want to start a new quest, you’re going to have to find out for yourself where the beginning is. There are no mini-map icons, nor world map icons, for quest-starts. Once you start your quest to know where to go next, you must read the information given to you in the dialog. There’ll be no flashy pointers or map icons there either. Another area in which WOW Classic falls on QoL is travel. Fast travel, other than the Hearthstone with the one hour cool down, is almost always on foot. There’s a lot of walking in WOW Classic. A lot!

What this adds to the game, though, is actual involvement. In other games, the hand-holding directional pathing, quick teleports, and streamlined quests take you away from enjoying the content and the world itself. Having to engage with the world, navigate yourself, and read the dialogs for quests provides a sense of immersion that is often lost with other games.

Can I play WOW Classic alone?

You could play WOW Classic alone, but you’re going to find that extremely limiting and tedious. World of Warcraft Classic is an MMORPG, with the vast majority of its higher-level gameplay created with groups working together in mind. When you create your account type, you have strengths and weaknesses that can only be mitigated by joining a group of other varieties. For example, it may be difficult for you to die as a tank, but you’re also going to find it very difficult to kill higher-level targets on your own. So much so that some of the higher-level bosses can heal faster than you’d be able to cause damage.

It is strongly advised to play WOW Classic with others, and there are plenty of clans, groups, and communities to provide this. It won’t take you long to find others to hit the dungeons with!


World of Warcraft Classic is a game; It exists for entertainment. Enjoy your time traversing the lands of Warcraft and experience the game for yourself. WOW Classic is a much more immersive and time-consuming style of game-play. If that’s something that interests you, you should definitely give the game a chance, even in 2020.