The Indicators: Top Emojis You Can Use To Prove Your Point

Most people nowadays are already hooked up on technology, especially on social media platforms. Everything they say or do is being done on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. That is why it became so hard to express one’s true feelings whenever they converse with someone.

Here are some of the best indicator emojis that people use to demonstrate and express their feelings well. Whether they wanted to let, the other know that they are correct or if they are wrong. These can also notify if something they have typed in has incorrect spelling or grammar. Make sure to use these emojis properly.

Check Mark Indicator Emoji

One of the most popular emojis used is the checkmark indicator or the check emoji. This emoji shows a green tick or a checkmark and can be used in multiple ways, but this is most commonly used by people to confirm that something has been said is correct or have just plainly approved of what they have said.

Since everyone is now relying on technology and the internet for everything they do, most schools and universities have their classes online. This means teachers or professors have to check students’ activities online also. This emoji can also be helpful for them to review and mark those activities as correct.

The Dripping Sweat Face Emoji

Whenever you make it out of a challenging and scrappy situation, the dripping sweat face emoji is the best emoji to use since it means that you are glad to make it out of that situation. It is another way of saying “phew” or “at last” without saying any words and finding yourself stuck in an awkward position. 

This emoticon has a smiling face with a bit of sweat dripping on the side of its face. And many people use this emoji as an indication of anxiety or relief whenever they conquer and make it out of a bad situation. This emoji can also be used when you are uncomfortable with the one you’re speaking to and let them know without hurting them.

Angry Face Emoji

The angry face or the mad emoji is an emoticon that most people use whenever they are in a fight or when they have something to tell, and they wanted to prove a point. Suppose you happen to be furious at someone and don’t want to say anything. You can send this emoji to them, and they will immediately know that you are angry at them.

This emoji can also be used whenever you want to show your friends on social media that you are mad at them or just letting them know by sending them a private message. The angry face emoji is a very flexible emoticon since it can be used in numerous ways.

The Girl That Flips Her Hair Emoji

Another emoji that can be used to prove someone’s point is the girl flipping her hair emoji. This emoji can be an implication of a girl’s personality and can also be used to react to some statements or scenarios. But since it is a girl emoji, most of the people that use this are women. But some men can also use this emoji if they like.

This emoji can help prove your point without saying anything that could end up in an argument. But there is a catch since this emoji tend to show the sarcastic but classy side of a woman, it can be a bit disrespectful to some people. Be mindful and make sure that you know the person you will send this emoji to.

Cross Mark Button Indicator Emoji

There is another emoji that is popular with the masses these days, and that is the Cross Mark Button Emoji or the X Emoji. This is a white letter X inside a box emoji, which is being used by most people to disagree with what has just been said by someone, or if they have said something incorrect, you can also use this emoji to let them know.

Eight-Spoked Asterisk Emoji

The eight-spoked asterisk is an emoji that shows a white eight-spoke or rays inside a square. This emoji can be used in different ways, but most people use this to point out a mistake in a sentence and add the correct one. This can also be used as a decorative bullet point when creating a PowerPoint or any presentation.


Since the generation today tends to be more sensitive than the previous one, it is essential to be mindful of the things to say to not end up in an argument or a fight. One good thing is that there are countless more emojis out there that can be used to prove your point without saying even a word. Just be sure to use them wisely.