Tips & Tricks for Runescape 3

Runescape is such an expanse game with an abundance of content to explore and interact with. It’s sometimes easy to overlook convenient options or hidden gems that can genuinely add to your game-play experience. Let’s take a look at some of the Tips & Tricks that may help you in your Runescape gaming.

Many of these tips are mostly to save you time and provide convenience. Account Kings provides convenience by selling pre-made OSRS Accounts ready for use. Skip that early grind, get a jump-start in the game and play the best content now; no more wasting time leveling up skills you don’t care for just to access the content you want to.

Action Bar Tips & Tricks

Did you know you can have multiple action bars displayed at once? This is a fantastic convenience for ease of access to your abilities. The most common use for this is setting up one of your action bars for your combat abilities while having the other dedicated to prayers and teleports. Being able to see and use these simultaneously adds a lot of convenience to your game-play while also removing the annoying navigation of menu tabs while playing.

The Revolution ability selector can be changed in size. Most players use Revolution for at least some of their combat. You can choose how many abilities the Revolution automatically uses rather than sticking to the default in the settings. You could have the full action bar as Revolution if you wanted to!

Putting items on your action bar will allow you to interact with them quickly. For example, you can add raw fish to your action bar so that when fishing, you can drop them just by holding down a single key. Allowing you to keep fishing without taking the time to click or bank fish you don’t want or need.

You can bind action bars to specific weapon types. For example, if I bind action bar 4 to 2H weapons, every time I equip a 2H weapon, the action bar will automatically cycle to action bar 4. This is extremely useful in circumstances that require you to switch combat styles mid-combat.

Experience Tips & Tricks

Available to even the newest members of Runescape, the Combat Academy (often overlooked) provides a considerable amount of experience in the form of reward books. These give you combat experience but can be used on Prayer if you so wish, saving you some money.

The tasks are simple to complete and don’t take very long.

The best experience per time spent on skills can come from your Daily Challenges. You should keep up with these as not only do you get experience rewards, but you’re rewarded with free Treasure Hunter keys too! Daily Challenges are also extendable, doubling the amount of work to be done and doubling the XP reward.

The Monthly Oyster D&D is a must-complete for any player. Not only does it provide you with a significant boost of Farming and Fishing experience each month, but you also get to take a chance on rolling the reward. Based on Clue Scroll rewards, the Oyster can give you anything from a few runes to Third-Age armor! Any Month could be your lucky month, so be sure to take the few minutes it takes to complete this content.

Appreciate the convenience!

Those are a few tips and tricks to make your daily gameplay smoother. Hopefully, you found something here to better your Runescape 3 experience!